• What are Equine Ulcers?

    Given the main types of equine ulcers include similar symptoms, it can be very difficult to determine what type of ulcer your horse is suffering without undertaking a scope. However, there is no need to feel overwhelmed – Abler has helped hundreds of customers in this very same position.

    You only need to search online for ‘equine ulcers’ to be overwhelmed with information. There are several types of equine ulcers, and each with similar symptoms. Trying to work out which ulcer your horse might have, and what is the best approach for treatment, can be dauting.

    To help you on your journey to better understand equine ulcers, we have provided a brief guide to the main types of ulcers, their typical triggers and common symptoms.

    Gastric Ulcers

    The term ‘gastric ulcers’ covers ulcers found in both the non-glandular and glandular parts of your horse’s digestive system. A detailed explanation of the two types of gastric ulcers is provided below:

    Non-Glandular Ulcers

    Non-glandular ulcers are located in the upper squamous region of the horse’s stomach. These ulcers can form quickly and typical signs include poor performance and changes in appetite.

    Glandular Ulcers

    Glandular ulcers are located in the lower region of the horse’s stomach. These ulcers typically form slowly and often as a result of prolonged treatment with NSAIDs. Typical symptoms include cribbing, weaving and resistance under saddle. Glandular ulcers will only heal when treated with a combination of omeprazole and sucralfate. it is common for these ulcers to take up to 8 weeks to heal

    Hindgut Ulcers

    Hindgut ulcers, often referred to as colonic ulcers, are located in a horse’s colon. These ulcers often require an ultrasound or bloodwork to be confirmed; it is not possible to scope for hindgut ulcers. Clinical signs include diarrhoea, unexplained loss of condition, recurring lack of appetite, lethargy, intermittent fever and colic.

The Abler bundle

Abler’s 30 Day Ulcer Treatment 

This bundle has been specifically developed as a general treatment option for horse owners that suspect their horse has an ulcer but are not able to definitively identify the specific type of ulcer.

Key benefits

  • You can feel confident that you are ordering the correct treatment and quantity.
  • It is possible to customise the pack based on the weight of your horse.
  • You can choose between basic omeprazole (AbPrazole) or the added benefit of omeprazole combined with a probiotic (AbPrazole Plus).
  • Treatments are provided in single sachets of granules, making it easy to measure and feed.

This bundle includes:

  • AbPrazole (omeprazole) or AbPrazole Plus (omeprazole combined with a probiotic) sachets to cover 30 days of treatment (based on a once-a-day dose per 175kg/385lb).
  • AbSucralfate (sucralfate) sachets to cover 30 days of treatment (based on a twice daily dose per 165kg/363lb).
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  • Who is Abler?

    If you’ve made it this far, you are probably wondering ‘Who is Abler?’ or ‘Can I trust this company?’. Abler has been a leader in affordable and effective equine ulcer medication since 2008. We know you want the best for your horse, so we work hard to continually improve our products.

    Abler products are only available direct from www.abler.com which means we can keep our prices affordable and you can be confident that you are ordering from a reputable manufacturer with a global shipping network*.

    Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself – here is a range of testimonials from first time customers who came to us for a reason probably similar to your own:

Happy Horse and Happy Owner!

My horse came from Europe to the US in March.

Flying and travel most likely stressed his gut. He has been a cribber in the past, as evidence by his teeth. When he arrived, I observed him cribbing when stressed. When having the girth done up, he is snapping and biting. Ulcers were suspected based solely on his behavior. He has not been endoscoped. He also had lost a bit of weight despite increase in feed, and no change in work load.

Expensive products are wasted on this guy, as my horse will not allow me to get a dispensing tube in his mouth! searching on the internet for an easy to dose ulcer product for horses, turned up Abler.com

After reading the good reviews and anecdotal evidence of behavior changes in horses that used the products, I figured it was worth a try. Being able to feed it to him with only the addition of a sweet vehicle, like molasses in his feed bucket is a plus.

He actually licks it right up without hesitation. This combination bundle is an awesome value, as it treats ulcers in both stomach and the hind gut. So much cheaper . My results: saving money, no cribbing, and less irritation with the girth and modest weight gain.

Thank-you Abler!

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