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    Great product that works! By: Erika
    On: 29/06/2023
    We've been using Abprazole for a few years now and have always seen positive results in our show horses. We buy bulk packs for ease of use (vs. individual sachets which can be annoying!). Its not easy to prevent ulcers, as hard as you try with feed, supplements and keeping tummies always full–so, Abler definitely comes in handy vs. Gastro Guard. The oral paste is also a great alternative to give at horse shows to prevent any new issues from arising.
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    Great Price By: MJ
    On: 16/04/2023
    My horse went off grain and it was less expensive to treat her than scope her for ulcers. This product only cost me a quarter of what UG costs. Was very pleased to find this site. My only complaint is the paste is so stiff that it come out in a lump the shape of the syringe. My horse would just spit it on the ground. It would not stick in her mouth. I was very frustrated that this was not a sticky paste. In order to not waste my entire purchase I had to squirt the paste out and mix it with Karo Syrup, then smoosh it back into the tube to dose my mare. That was the only way to get it into the consistency of paste needed to effectively dose your horse. However the price was terrific, I would not have been able to afford to treat my mare if I hadn't found this site.
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    Helping to Win the Ulcer Fight By: KNy
    On: 13/03/2023
    I ordered and received the AbPrazole bulk pack to start treating my gelding's ulcers. The shipping was timely and it arrived in my mailbox. The recloseable zipper at the top of the pack is really helpful. I ordered the bulk pack. My horse will not willing eat it, even as a treat. I mix it with applesauce and put it in an empty syringe and deposit the the granules and applesauce in his mouth. So far, so good. It is day 10 and I noticed an improvement by the 2-3 day. Not much waste reusing the the syringe and applesauce. I would have not been able to afford the treatment he so badly needed without this product. Thank you.
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    Ottb mare show prep By: Rachel
    On: 11/12/2022
    I love these tubes for travel, I use 1/4 a tube the day before we leave for a show, 1/2 a tube the day we travel, the days we are at a a show, and the day we travel home, then 1/4 tube the day after we arrive home to support my sensitive ottb mares stomach. She now doesn’t have set backs from traveling for shows or for clinics or lessons off property and holds her weight and glossy coat and good work attitude.
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    Jazzy mare can’t live without it! By: Lisa Spagnoli
    On: 27/11/2022
    I have a hot and anxious KWPN mare who has been on the blue crystals for 3 years following a full course of ulcer treatment by her vet. The ulcers always return unless she stays on this product for maintenance. This product is an affordable game changer for her. Thank you Abler, you keep my horse happy.
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    Affordable By: Cynthia
    On: 08/10/2022
    We were lucky to be referred to abler by a friend. Getting omeprazole at an affordable price compared to UlcerGuard has become more affordable to treat those pesky ulcers.
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    This is a great product! By: Nikki
    On: 23/09/2022
    Over the summer I had two geldings that were diagnosed with grade 3 ulcers so I needed to be able to provide the care the needed and quickly! Ships fast and is easy to use. The one draw back is the dosing stopper will jam or stick at times, but it is not hard to work with at all. This a great product!!!
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    Great! By: Isabella
    On: 15/08/2022
    Love this product, especially when compared to the price of ulcerguard. I use these tubes as a preventative when my horses travel.
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    Seem to work! By: Isabella
    On: 15/08/2022
    These are my go-to for treating horses I suspect have ulcers. 95% of the time the symptoms seem to go away totally!
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    Great alternative to UG By: Phoebe
    On: 06/06/2022
    Love using this as a maintenance dose and alternative to ulcergard.
  11. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Low maintenance By: Mariah
    On: 12/03/2022
    I switched to Abler products for my horse after spending a TON of money through my veterinary clinic. He is on maintenance sucralfate for life after battling ulcers. Every time I have tried to wean him off his symptoms return. Effective and affordable, a literal life saver! The granules do not dissolve as well as tablets, but it's a small price to pay.
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  12. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Cost effective By: Ray
    On: 03/03/2022
    This came so fast and was very affordable in comparison to other brands, even with the rapid delivery added. I believe this past really helped my horse and I will continue to use abler for all my ulcer treatment needs.
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    Wow! By: Jennifer
    On: 05/08/2021
    Noticed a significant change in my horses attitude in a few days! She’s been more pleasant and cooperative since treating with Abler pellets.
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    Abprazole tablets By: Madeline
    On: 30/06/2021
    I typically order the granules for the past several years. This past order I got the tablets and at first my horse would not eat them. After a week or two and a little honey on top he eats them fine. They are easier to know if he is getting the full dose and much cheaper!
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    Successful treatment of gastric ulcer with Abprazole By: Dressage Pony
    On: 04/06/2021
    My horse was diagnosed with stochmach ulcers by means of gastroscopy. After a treatment of 28 days with Abprazole paste, he was cured. There were no more stomach ulcers visible at the check- up.
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    Great Product and easy to use By: Lara
    On: 17/05/2021
    I love this product since it has hepled my horse so much. I hide it in her feed.
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    Happy UK customer By: Vicky
    On: 14/05/2021
    Living in the UK I was sceptical that the products would A) arrive and B) actually work... I’m pleased to say I could not be happier! Abler has allowed me to be able to treat my poor horses discomfort without the need to keep putting them through the stress (and huge expense) of scoping each time. I’ve found no difference in the effectiveness of this paste and the product prescribed by my vet, well apart from the massive price tag! I’d definitely recommend abler!
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    Super effective in a very short time By: Jasmin
    On: 23/04/2021
    I got a horse in just last week who was known to previously have ulcers. Her previous owner was treating symptoms with aloe juice and u-gard pellets. She is still underweight..... When I picked her up she paid zero attention to me and was very reactive to touch and groundwork cues. She would flinch and over react to everything. when she arrived at my barn she was terribly herd sour, anxious, would not finish her meals without pacing, taking a break, being entirely possessed with the other horses. It’s been a week of giving her 4 tablets per day and she is basically a new horse. Finishes every grain meal, her coat is already starting to improve and her entire demeanor is changed. She has a much softer eye and can actually pay attention to things asked of her. If this is progress after only 1 week, I’m very excited to see how she goes once she puts on appropriate weight and muscling!
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    Abprazole for sensitive and stressed horses By: Nic
    On: 23/04/2021
    We start giving Abprazole our sensitive and stressed one day before we go to a show and give it throw the hole weekend. They eat with same appetite like home and are more concentrated during competition.
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  20. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product By: Lena
    On: 20/04/2021
    Got this instead of the bulk pack. In comparison this is easier to use compared to scooping up the granulas from a bigger bag, especially when traveling. Treats the ulcer flawlessly
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    Kleine Kügelchen - große Wirkung Small granules - big impact By: Julia
    On: 06/04/2021
    Nach langen rumdoktern hab ich über Freunden erfahren dass dieses Produkt spitze wirkt gegen Übersäuerung im Pferdemagen. Nach anfangs startschwierigkeiten bzgl der Fütterung -da es das Pferd nicht mit der normalen Fütterung zu sich nahm- kam die Idee mit der Banane. Kügelchen auf die heiß geliebte banane verteilen und das Pferd hat es runter geschlungen. Die Wirkung war innerhalb eines halben Tages gleich zu erkennen. Kein komischer Gesichtsausdruck - Grummeln im Magen deutlich weniger - Pferd fühlte sich ingesamt fitter. After a long time I found out from friends that this product works great against acidity in the horse's stomach. After initial difficulties regarding the feeding - because the horse did not eat it with the normal feeding - the idea of ​​the banana came up. Spread the balls on the beloved banana and the horse has swung it down. The effect was immediately apparent within half a day. No strange expression on his face - noticeably less rumbling in the stomach - the horse felt fitter overall.
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    Effective and affordable By: Kaitlin
    On: 23/03/2021
    My mare was scoped and had grade 3 glandular ulcers, after doing the full treatment and now I’ve been using the abler paste as a preventative around stressful events for nearly a year and haven’t seen any symptoms since! Super easy to administer and very affordable!
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  23. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Seemed to help By: Kaitlin
    On: 23/03/2021
    I did a full treatment and saw a lot of improvement in ulcer symptoms. The granules are not my favorite as they were tricky to administer. My horse did not like the taste and would try to avoid them just in her grain. The paste worked better for us
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    Great product By: Anna
    On: 18/03/2021
    I really like using omeprazole in paste formula. 100% that horse got it all
  25. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    No more loss of appetite By: Anna
    On: 18/03/2021
    After few days of using Absucralfat my horse appetite increased rapidly
  26. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy and Effective By: Anna
    On: 18/03/2021
    Really nice product. Easy to use, brings relief to horses.
  27. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product By: Anna
    On: 17/03/2021
    I was a bit worried if my horse likes it, but it was totally no problem. He eats all with small amount of feed and fells much much better
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    My horse Love it! By: Anna
    On: 17/03/2021
    Very easy to use
  29. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great help By: Keeley
    On: 13/03/2021
    Used this alongside the other granules and seems to greatly help my very difficult mare. She ate them in her food and seemed alot calmer after having them. Thanks so much!
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  30. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Perfekt! By: Sonja
    On: 04/03/2021
    Besser geht es nicht ! It couldn't be better!
  31. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Fab By: Jamese
    On: 27/02/2021
    Great product, much better value than alternative omeprazole products I feed with a pinch of chaff but do find the tiny balls fall through and don’t get eaten so add a bit of karon oil (digestion aid, sticky liquid) to bind it together. We did a course then left horse for a few months then scoped him, vet said she could see where he’d had ulcers previously and they’d healed (from abler) but that they were back again. If you do treat your horse always put it on a preventative dose, it takes less than a week for ulcers to return I’m now treating all my horses with this easy to use medicine just as a caution
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    Wish I’d known about this years ago By: Jamese
    On: 27/02/2021
    For so long I’ve struggled with a horse that won’t eat paste and won’t allow a saliva test I’m so pleased I finally found a granular wormer’
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  33. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very pleased By: Jamese
    On: 27/02/2021
    Great product, much better value than alternative sucralfate products, which can also be very fine and powdery making them difficult to administer. I feed with a pinch of chaff but do find the tiny balls don’t tend to get picked up by the horse so add a bit of karon oil to stick it together. Some sucralfate products seem to be fed an hour after the omeprazole but the guidance of this one is to feed on an empty stomach. Horses have funny colour tongue after eating it!!
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  34. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    AbPrazole By: Barbara
    On: 24/02/2021
    My mare had grade 3 stomach ulcers. AbPrazole both helped my mare and was easy on my wallet. I think the granules are easy to administer.
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  35. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product! By: Monique
    On: 22/02/2021
    My horse takes the tablets very easy and it works perfectly! Great product!
  36. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    It worked By: Barbara
    On: 15/02/2021
    I find the paste more pleasant to administer than the granules. The only thing is that sometimes the paste cannot be pushed out of the applicator properly and you have problems getting the paste into the mouth.
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  37. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    East and effective By: Josie
    On: 14/02/2021
    Good product that really works if your horse has ulcers. My horse sort the powder out, so need to sprinkle it on soaked feed to get her to eat it.
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  38. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    A very helpful product! By: Elise
    On: 05/02/2021
    When I purchased my mare Vixen, she had been on turnout 24/7 for two years. Moving back into a partially stalled life and training was very stressful for her, and she began showing many signs of ulcers. These included weight loss, sensitivity to touch, a dull coat, an unwillingness to go forward, and a souring disposition. After treating with the Abprazole tablets for a week, I noticed a major difference in her attitude and sensitivity. I chose to do 28 days of treatment before weaning her off the Abprazole, and she did not show any symptoms of ulcers at that time. Her coat and weight also had improved significantly! My only downside was that my mare was not keen on taking the tablets in her grain, but with a handful of sweet feed as a treat pressed around them, it was no problem! I have recommended Abler to several friends seeking affordable treatment for their horses ulcers, and all of them had positive experiences as well.
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  39. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    ABGARD works as well as more expensive Omeprazol products By: Dressage Ponies
    On: 15/01/2021
    I have had very good experiences with Abgard on several horses. The affordable price makes it possible to use it prophylactically on sensitiv horses. Especially for travelling and during a competition weekend. It is also easy to apply and horses don‘t refuse it.
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  40. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Affordable and Works Great! By: Hannah
    On: 11/01/2021
    The same as UG, but a third of the price!! It cleared up the ulcers in my gelding and he was much happier. About to treat my other horse with it that just got back from a lease!
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  41. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Ulcer treatment and prevention By: SummerH
    On: 31/12/2020
    I used this previously on my Arabian with suspected ulcers and he filled out and finally looked good again. Now I suspect my QH to have them and will treat the same way. I think it is really beneficial to add in the Sulfacrate too.
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  42. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Life Saver By: Claire
    On: 27/12/2020
    The individual Abprazole packets were my first introduction to Abler. All the sachets arrived on time, and cleared up my horse's confirmed (via scope) ulcer situation within 28 days. I've shown this product to fellow barn mates and local veterinarians who are quickly jumping on board. Would highly recommend.
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  43. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent product By: Claire
    On: 27/12/2020
    Abprazole is a complete godsend with the price of ulcer/gastrogaurd nearing 1K for a treatment round. Not only is this the exact same product (enteric omeprazole), it is a third of the cost, and equally as effective. This is the only other product I've been able to find besides the grosly expensive name brand that is engineered to survive the stomach's harsh environment. I saw a change within 3 days- eating normally again, massive amount of weight gain, coat change within a month, and huge attitude improvement. Arrived super quick with the expedited shipping and the bulk pack was much faster than unwrapping the individual sachets.
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  44. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    More appetite and less stomach ache By: Wilma
    On: 07/12/2020
    After a 28 days treatment with ABGARD our young mare has more appetite and shows well- being during grooming. She also doesn´t hit anymore when saddling and is less scary when riding. Both horse and ride feel more comfortable now.
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  45. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    good support with abgard By: katharina
    On: 06/12/2020
    received this as a goodie for my large abgard order and tried it out when the syringes were used. it is very easy to feed, my horse which is usually a picky eater does not filter it out. I have to say, for severe issues, I would still use abgard, but for afterwards treatment or less severe pain, this is my go-to thing!
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  46. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Most affordable and effective option! By: Picky Pony's Mom
    On: 04/12/2020
    Hands-down the most affordable form of omeprazole for my horse. Highly effective, I love that the pills are consistent in the amount he gets and that they don't require cutting open all the little packets. My horse isn't a huge fan of the taste, however. We crush them up and then he is fine, but if you just toss in the pill, he doesn't eat it. We also break it in half so he gets the full tablet over the course of the day rather than all at once. His tummy seems much better again! Definitely my favorite of the AbPrazole products due to the smaller and less wasteful packaging, the convenience of not needing to measure something out, and being at the most reasonable price-point. Drawbacks are shipping time and (for my horse, at least) taste.
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  47. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Soothed my baby demon! By: Max's Mom
    On: 04/12/2020
    My normally cinchy and opinionated little demon felt sooo much better after being on this for a while. It was nice to know that he was getting a consistent dose every day with the premeasured packets, and the price is a bit easier to swallow than other similar products on the market.
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  48. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Perfect for horses that travel and show a lot By: MJ
    On: 01/12/2020
    I really like probiotic since it’s easy to travel with and easy to feed on the road while we’re at horse shows. I like to combine AbActive and AbGard in my horse’s feed in the morning right before, during and right after we go to an out of town horse show. I’ve been doing this for several years now and have a happy and healthy show horse so I would definitely recommend it!
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  49. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to use! By: NancyS
    On: 01/12/2020
    The AbGard paste is super easy to use! My horse has no issue with me squirting the paste into his mouth every evening. It must taste good since he has no objections to it. Of course I appreciate that the product works and soothes my horses stomach and prevents ulcer too! It’s an added bonus that he doesn’t object to the taste and it’s easy to administer everyday!
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  50. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    My horse seems more comfortable By: Amy
    On: 29/11/2020
    I purchased and used the bulk pack on my ex-racer called Stevie. i notcied when I got him in May 2020 he wouldn't let me touch around his belly area and I suspected something was wrong. I first got him checked my the physio to make sure he was sound and it was actually her that suggested getting this product. So I decided to give it a go and I have to say I definally seen a difference within two weeks. He is quite a grumpy boy when he wants to be but he became more cuddly (he still has his off days). He also not as sensitive around his girth area which is a big plus. His mood and general aura changed. I'm currently ordering a second batch of this as he needs another round of it to help him through the winter.
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  51. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Brilliant they work!! By: Kelly
    On: 20/10/2020
    Have used Gastrogaurd before for treatment on various horse but have used the magic blue abler balls ever since and would use them over again, they are my go to after any lillness that’s required antibiotics or bite for all 5 of my horses or any episode of stress.
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  52. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    GREAT product & GREAT price By: Marissa
    On: 12/10/2020
    My OTTB mare is prone to ulcers and is a bad cribber. This company and product makes it possible to care for an ulcer prone/hard keeper horse! Omeprazole is used to treat the ulcers and is usually 3times as expensive everywhere else. I saw results within 1 week!! My mare started to crib less and she actually has a nice belly for once-no more ribs are showing!! Before this product was given, she was also very girthy and did not want to go forward under saddle. After one week on this product, she is happy during tacking up and able to move comfortably again! I usually treat her once a year with this product and now will use the preventative Abler has using the Sucralfate.
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  53. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    great product By: flowers
    On: 12/10/2020
    Like all there abler products, my horse is completely different when he is on them. He has treatment level for a couple of days before a competition and when staying away and is then on the maintenance dosage. The tablets are super economical and I feed them with an empty paste tube. The tablets are easy to store and I prefer them to the granules because he leaves the granules in his feed and I know that the tablets have got into him. These products have revolutionised my horse and I couldn't recommend them enough
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  54. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works good By: Elizabeth
    On: 11/10/2020
    Gave this a try instead of gc Seems to be working and very easy to use.
  55. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Work well & easy to use By: Keslea
    On: 05/10/2020
    I use these as a preventative for my horse. They work well and are a great easy to feed alternative to pastes that are out there.
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  56. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to feed By: Jamie
    On: 05/10/2020
    This is a great product for my mare. She fecal tested positive for fore and hind gut ulcers and was treated successfully with Abler products
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  57. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to use By: Jamie
    On: 05/10/2020
    This is a great product for my mare. She fecal tested positive for fore and hind gut ulcers and was treated successfully with Abler products
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  58. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    amazing By: Simone
    On: 01/10/2020
    my gelding was always cranky...always! gave him abprazole and had amazing results after a very short period of time.
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  59. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    On: 30/09/2020
    I have used the Abprazole Plus, the syringes and thought I would try the tablets as they are the cheapest. My horse is fussy about the little blue granules in the AbPrazole Plus. I tried all the suggested ways of feeding, in a carrot, apple and with molasses but didn't work. The syringes are fab as you know that he has got it in him, but they are expensive. The tablets are great so far, the balling gun makes too much noise for my horse and is tricky to use, I just use an empty syringe tube and put it right up the back of his throat. I read that the tablets shouldn't be chewed. It took a couple of days practise to get the tablets up high enough, but think I have mastered the art now. I like these as I know that they have gone in him so will be using them going forwards... Such a great product and has made my stressed, unhappy horse into a calm, happy, lovable one.
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  60. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great Results in combination with Abprazole (plus) By: Lara
    On: 25/09/2020
    This is great to cover all the areas of the stomach, especially the "exit" since omeprazole by itself is not proven to heal ulcers there. sulcrafate is proven to work there. Use it in combination to have the same great results.
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  61. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great Option for recovering from ulcers By: Lara
    On: 25/09/2020
    I treated my horse with these and the stomach looked so much better after these. I combined it with absulcrafate, which worked a treat. I recommend to lower the dose once done very slowly though.
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  62. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Well priced option By: Lara
    On: 25/09/2020
    This is the cheapest option. I like to hide them in apples. I just push the pill into an apple and feed it by hand. works well!
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  63. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Saved my mare By: Keeley
    On: 29/07/2020
    This was the last chance for my extremly difficult mare.... And she's still with me. She wouldn't eat the stuff so I had to clump it together with honey and force down her on her tongue. But after a about a week me and her loan mummy noticed a huge difference. Fast forward to now, her rider can canter safely in open spaces with no explosions or rearing... She's sane and calm with only one tantrum since feeing Nov last year. I will be buying more to use as a one a day top up like advised for her over winter to help her. Also will be trying a course for my other mare. So thank you so much for making this available - I had no way of affording a scope and the over priced vet treatment..... This saved my mares life... Thank you
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  64. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product By: Destini
    On: 26/07/2020
    This worked wonders on my crabby gelding
  65. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product By: Destini
    On: 26/07/2020
    This worked wonders on my gelding.
  66. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abler Abprazole Plus By: Mick
    On: 17/07/2020
    I've started using these packets for my ulcer prone ottb and wow, the ease of use is great! I've been using for 1 month and have already seen a great improvement in attitude and less sensitivity with my horse. I will continue to use especially for maintenance.
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  67. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Dieses Produkt hält auf jeden Fall was es verspricht. Echt super By: Heike
    On: 14/07/2020
    Hallo ich bins wieder mit unserem magenkranken Friesenopa. Wir füttern ja schon seit längerem abgard und sind echt fasziniert wie gut es unserem Opa Magentechnich geht. Im Moment bekommt er aber Schmerzmittel weil er sich vertreten hat. Darum füttern wir abends dieses Granulat und sind sehr zufrieden. Dem Opa geht es gut. Demnächst füttern wir auch von Abler das Schmerz und entzundungs Produkt von Abler. Bin sehr froh das ich euch gefunden habe. Hello I'm back with our stomach sick Friesian. We have been feeding Abgard for a long time and are really fascinated by how well our horses stomach is doing. At the moment he is receiving pain medication because he has represented himself. That is why we feed these granules in the evening and are very satisfied. Soon we will also be feeding Abler's pain and inflammation product from Abler. I'm very glad that I found you.
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  68. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very Good alternative to expensive products By: Philine
    On: 05/06/2020
    I used Abgard treat my horses gastric illnes and it worked well. It contains less paste than comparable products, but due to the price, it`s still the better option. Soon I noticed an improvement and eventually the Symptoms were completly gone. Delivery was faster than expected.
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  69. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Affordable... and it works! I've told a lot of people about Abprozole By: Leslie
    On: 13/05/2020
    I have a lot of experience over the years with ulcers, with my horses and my client's horses. I know when they work, how long they work... and when they don't work. There is no substitute for using ompeprozole to heal ulcers in the horse's stomach. However, it can be very expensive to treat uclers using other brands of ompeprozole. Abler is a lifesaver (and horse saver!). The product is incredibly affordable and it WORKS!. When I give the product, one packet a day unless it's an extreme case, I can usually see a change by the end of day 2 and certainly by day 3. The horse perks up, isn't pinning their ears, and not as sensitive when they are touched or palpated. After about a week on your product, real relief begins to happen. Abprozole works so well and so quickly, I've advised others to use it as a diagnostic for gastric uclers. I tell my friends and clients that if your horse doesn't start to perk up by day 3 and certainly by day 5, then it's very likely that gastric ulcers are not what's bothering them. LOVE this product!!! I've told many people to buy this product (and most have) and I've posted on it a few times through social media. Trying to spread the word on this product.
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  70. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Stomach Ulcer Prevention By: DS
    On: 08/05/2020
    Several years ago my vet recommended I give my horse a course of omeprazole since we travel frequently to horse shows and he was exhibiting some of the signs of early stomach ulcers including a bit of weight loss, some sensitivity when I tightened the girth and just not completely himself. My horse improved so much that my vet actually recommended I continue giving him on a maintenance dose whenever we travel to horse shows as a preventative measure. My gelding doesn't seem to mind the taste and its easy to squirt a little into his mouth each day. It's just part of his routine now!
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  71. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Prevents stomach ulcers By: Donna
    On: 05/05/2020
    AbGuard has helped my warmblood gelding immensely. For many years he struggled with stomach ulcers which would then cause gas colic, even undergoing colic surgery for an impaction in his colon one time. We really struggled to keep him comfortable whenever the weather changed or when we shipped him from our farm to a local show twenty minutes away. My vet recommended we keep him on a daily low dose of omeprazole to heal and prevent any future stomach ulcers. We started him on AbGuard five years ago and it’s now part of his daily routine. Although he occasionally has a minor episode of gas colic when the weather changes drastically in a 24 hr time period, he is ulcer free, has put on much needed weight, is not uncomfortable when I tack him up and tighten the girth and can travel to horse shows all over the Midwest and east coast without any problems. He is happy self again and I have my wonderful horse back!
    Read More
  72. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    I rcomend ABGARD By: Wilma
    On: 21/04/2020
    I ordered Abgard for a very sensitiv, nervous and skinny mare. After a treatment of 28 days (one syringe each day) she gained weight, builded up muskles and became more relaxing. She seems to be happier now.
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  73. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Dieses Produkt ist einfach super By: Heike
    On: 09/04/2020
    Ich bestelle jetzt schon einige Zeit dieses tolle Produkt. Ich finde einfach toll wie es unserem Friesenopa seitdem geht. Das Wichtigste ist, daß es finanziell zu meistern ist, denn unser Opa braucht momentan eine halbe Spritze am Tag. Gerade zu coronerzeiten ist es wichtig das es solch tolle Firmen gibt die einem da helfen. Ganz grosses Lob. I've been ordering this great product for some time now. I just love how our Friesian grandpa has been doing since then. The most important thing is that it can be mastered financially, because our grandpa currently needs half an injection a day. Especially at corona times it is important that there are such great companies that help you there. Big praise.
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  74. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Fab By: Emma
    On: 02/04/2020
    used 1 syringe for 28 days and now on the maintenance dose of a quarter tube per day. The horse is looking wonderful, so shiny, keen to eat his hard feed & hay, more settled in the stable and performing brilliantly. He is so much more relaxed and chilled to be around on the ground, happier in his work and doesn't get tight through his back area like before so saving money on visits from Physio, Will never take him off this product- couldn't recommend it more. I had previously tried him on the blue granules but could not get him to eat them in a carrot, apple or anything else. So the syringes works best for us
    Read More
  75. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Toll, dass es eine Alternative zu Monopolmedikamenten gibt. By: Silla
    On: 31/03/2020
    Auch unserem 2 den Pferd hilft das Mittel. Leider wussten wir nichts von den Dunndarmgeschwären so dass wir jetzt auch noch das Succrabest hinzufügen müssen. Überlege gerade das Set für 30Tage zu bestellen. The remedy also helps our 2 the horse. Unfortunately we didn't know about the small intestine ulcers so we have to add the Succrabest now. Just consider ordering the set for 30 days. It's great that there is an alternative to monopoly drugs.
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  76. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent By: Ellis
    On: 30/03/2020
    Can’t recommend this product enough for being easy to use and so affordable. As my horse isn’t insured anymore for ulcers I wasn’t able to go down the route of scoping and then treatment through the vets so this was a much better alternative. Only had it a few days and can already see results so going to continue with it and then go onto the maintenance course. Thank you Alber!
    Read More
  77. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to use! By: Tammy
    On: 26/03/2020
    I use the Abbutazone packets for both my geldings when bute is needed for an injury or discomfort. I love how easy these are to use. I sprinkle in their pellets and supplements and they eat them right up. They even kind of stick to the pellets I feed so low on waste. Appreciate how easy these are to use.
    Read More
  78. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Dieses Produkt ist einfach super By: Heike
    On: 10/03/2020
    Hallo ich muss nochmal darauf hinweisen das dieses Produkt einfach spitze ist und selbst wenn ein Pferd Magengeschwüre hat nach der Ab gard - Kur ausreicht um das es dem Pferd weiterhin gut geht. Man merkt richtig das die Säure im Magen weiter neutralisiert wird. Auch das kosten fällt unserem Friesen leichter. Ein tolles Produkt das ich jetzt auch meiner Freundin weiterempfohlen habe. Sie ist auch begeistert. Dank an die Firma Abler Hello I have to point out again that this product is just great and even if a horse has stomach ulcers after the Ab gard cure is sufficient that the horse is still well. You really notice that the acid in the stomach is neutralized further. Our Frisians also find it easier to taste. A great product that I have now recommended to my girlfriend. She is also enthusiastic. Thanks to the Abler company
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  79. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    ABGARD is easy to apply- extremely effective By: Wilma
    On: 07/03/2020
    I´m very enthusiastic about this product! It is easy to order, fast in shipping and efficiently in its effect! Since our sensitive sporthorses get ABGARD on competition days, they are more concentrated and less stressed. They are also more calm in a new surrounding. I recomend ABGARD for all sensitive sporthorses!
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  80. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abgard By: Heike
    On: 02/03/2020
    Also ich muss mich nochmal melden, weil ich absolut begeistert bin. Das Produkt ist einfach super. Es ist verträglich und wird von unserem Pingel gut aufgenommenen. Seid wir abgard nutzen geht es unserem Friese Opa viel besser. Ich würde auch mehr Sterne geben. Ein Lob an Abler. "So I have to register again because I am absolutely thrilled. The product is just great. It is well tolerated and is well received by our Pingel. If we use Abgard, our Friesian grandpa is much better. I would give more stars too. A compliment to Abler"
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  81. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    An immediately a good effect on my horse! By: Soraya
    On: 01/03/2020
    My horse has suffered from stomach ulcers a few times, so I immediately recognize the symptoms of my horse. The great thing about AbPrazole Plus is that it contains probiotics, which immediately has a good effect on my horse's intestines. I also notice immediately after giving AbPrazole Plus that his stool is good. After a few weeks my horse looked good again, a shiny coat and he was in better condition.
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  82. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works effectively! Only Abler for us! By: Soraya
    On: 01/03/2020
    My horse has suffered from stomach ulcers a few times, so I immediately recognize the symptoms of my horse. Abler's products for stomach ulcers work effectively. I also find it convenient to order the sachets in view of the shelf life after opening the package. A combination of the Bulk and sachtes works perfectly for us.
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  83. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works good and is easy to give By: Soraya
    On: 01/03/2020
    This product worked really good for my horse, in a couple of days I started to see a change and after a couple of weeks all of he was his old self again! I would highly recommend this product!
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  84. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    AbPrazole Plus By: Heike
    On: 21/02/2020
    Hey ich muss jetzt Mal ein echtes Lob an die Produkte von Abler machen. Habe von meiner Freundin AbPrazole Plus geliehen bekommen,nehme normalerweise Abgard. Unser 28 Jahre alter Friesenopa hat wegen ständigem Stress bedingt durch chronischer Augenentzündung Magengeschwüre.Ich kann dieses Produkt nur empfehlen.Dazu kommt der Blitzversand und die super Preise. Bin über glücklich das ich die Firma Abler kennenlernen durfte. Hey, I have to give a real compliment to the Abler products. Got borrowed from my friend AbPrazole Plus, usually take Abgard. Our 28-year-old Friesian grandpa has stomach ulcers due to constant stress caused by chronic eye inflammation. I can only recommend this product. I am happy that I got to know the Abler company.
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  85. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abgard By: Heike
    On: 20/02/2020
    Hallo ich nochmal,ich bin so begeistert von diesem Produkt,das ich das nochmals mitteilen möchte.Unser 28 jähriger Friesenopa ist super gut drauf und dank der super niedrigen Preise können wir auch helfen das es so bekommt jetzt eine halbe Spritze am Tag und bei Sturm oder anderen kritischen Momente eine ganze.Sonst haben wir ulcer gold gegeben oder GGard,aber das hat uns die letzten 12 Monate finanziell echt aufgefressen.übrigends,er frisst das ab Gard echt lieber.alles in allem ein tolles produkt.wir danken ❤️ und einen dicken friesenkuss. Hello again, I am so enthusiastic about this product that I would like to share it again. Our 28 year old Friesian grandpa is in a great mood and thanks to the super low prices we can also help to keep it that way. He now gets half an syringe a day and a whole lot during storms or other critical moments. Otherwise we gave ulcgold or ggard, but that has really eaten us up financially over the past 12 months. By the way, he really prefers to eat that from Gard. All in all a great product. We thank ❤️ and a big kiss of frieze
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  86. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abgard By: Heike
    On: 06/02/2020
    Also es ist echt wahnsinn.haben einen 28 jährigen Friesen mit Magengeschwüre,er bekommt seid gut einem Jahr ulcer gold.wegen einer chronischen Entzündung am Auge ist er Dauerstress ausgesetzt.Das geht wahnsinnig ins Geld.Wir sind so dankbar das es die Firma Abler gibt,eine so schnelle Lieferung und endlich finanzielles Aufatmen.danke Danke Xx So it is really crazy. Have a 28 year old Frisian with gastric ulcers, he has been ulcer gold for a year or so. Because of a chronic inflammation of the eye he is exposed to constant stress. This is insane money. We are so grateful that the Abler company exists , such a quick delivery and finally a sigh of relief. Thank you
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  87. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    It works! By: HH
    On: 29/01/2020
    For my horses it works very well! They eat it with their regular food and seem to feel better after a few days - that`s wonderful to see!!! On top fast and easy service - Thank you abler!
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  88. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Less low- level colic and more appetite since treatment with ABGARD By: Wilma
    On: 26/01/2020
    One of our dressage horses often had low- level colics and less appetite. She also was quite skinny. In stressful situations she used to do crib- biting. After a treatment of 3 weeks with ABGARD she had no more colics and reacts less frightening in stressful situations. Her appetite became normal and she started to gain weight and build up more muscles. I recomend ABGARD for every horse who has similar problems.
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  89. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Brilliant By: Tom
    On: 21/01/2020
    Great customer service, my horse wouldn't eat the blue granules, even in a carrot, apple, covered in syrup, so I ended up syringing them down him which was messy and a waste of the product. I swapped to this product and know that he is getting all of the product. The horse looks amazing, so shiny, built up muscle and has put on weight. He is loving his work - jumping brilliantly, very forward and keen. He doesn't feel like he is just going through the motions and is much less spooky. So glad I found it.
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  90. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Absucralfate Bulk Pack By: Liz
    On: 14/01/2020
    I will never be without them, my mare counts on this to stay happy
  91. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    It works! By: HH
    On: 13/01/2020
    A very easy to use product that definitely works! My horse is eating the granulate with his food and feels much better already after a few days using it.
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  92. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    I recommend ABGARD as a very effective treatment for horses with gastric ulcera By: Wilma
    On: 02/01/2020
    Since I treated my very sensitive horse with ABGARD, he is less spooky at his surroundings, much more concentrated in training and more relaxed during grooming.
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  93. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Highly recommend By: Hannah
    On: 14/12/2019
    I’ve been using AbPrazole for a few months now as maintenance for my horse. I’ve managed to sustain his gut health by using this product and it is so much more affordable for me to use
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  94. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Starting to see a change By: Amy
    On: 10/12/2019
    I am so pleased now I’m starting to see a change after 2 weeks. I have ordered another batch so fingers crossed the improvements will continue.
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  95. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    So far so good By: Lisa
    On: 09/12/2019
    It has only been 3 weeks but poos are back to normal, however still a very sensitive to girth
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  96. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    All in all GREAT By: HorsesHH
    On: 24/11/2019
    Easy to order - fast shipment - horses are eating it with their food and feel better after 1st day! Will order again or try the AbprazolePlus :) i only wish kg would be also on the syringes, that would make it a bit easier to use.
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  97. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Affordable. By: Kathleen
    On: 20/11/2019
    I used it for a mare that was treated with medicines. It was so heavy for her stomach that I had to treat her. Here the omeprazole was so pricey that I bought this product. I just mixed it with her food. So easy and helped perfect!
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  98. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Wish I had known sooner! By: Carly
    On: 01/11/2019
    I have had my young horse on a maintenance dose for the last 6 months. It is without a doubt that it has kept her ulcers at bay. Recently she has started to act up and become a bit more aggressive. I’ve decided to try her on the Absucralfate instead. Will post a review once it has arrived and I’ve tried it.
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  99. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Worked but hard to get my horse to eat it By: Mollie
    On: 22/10/2019
    This was a better option than the overpriced options in the USA. I had a hard time getting my picky eater to eat it but once I did, it was easy! It seems to have resolved my horse's tummy issues. Thanks for creating an affordable and easy to use product!
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  100. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Good product By: Mary
    On: 16/10/2019
    Great product, but the packaging is not great. The flimsy pouch does not hold up well to repeated opening/closing and it does not stand up very well on its own.
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  101. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    I recommend By: Bozena
    On: 08/10/2019
    Everything's great. Fast, efficient and safe. I and the horse are happy.
  102. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product! By: Monika
    On: 18/09/2019
    Very good product at a good price. Convenient packaging and easy way of serving. I recommend this product.
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  103. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Mare seems happier... By: JMH
    On: 26/08/2019
    Started using sucralfate and omeprazole from Abler about three weeks ago on our new mare that was showing signs of possible fore and hind gut ulcers. She seems to enjoy her food more, is shinier, and is more playful in the pasture. She hasn’t been scoped or ridden since she started the treatment dose so my “endorsement” is limited to saying - my mare seems happier. We will step down the dosage after the initial 28 day treatment to a maintenance dosage. The product is much more affordable than other options making it a viable long term solution if needed.
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  104. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works well and horses eat it By: Jessica
    On: 06/08/2019
    It work very well and usually also the picky eaters eat it. However, the ones that don't eat the granules still need the regular bute syringed into the mouth. You can't dissolve the granules. Ease of opening the sachets is a bit of a hit and miss :)
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  105. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    as all Abler products GREAT By: Michaela
    On: 11/07/2019
    it works great, is easy to use and really affordable. My horses are a little bit fuzzy, but mixed with carrots and some cereals they take it without problems.
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  106. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Phenylbutazone or Bute daily dosage and use By: Piggy
    On: 11/07/2019
    I was recommended Abler in May 2019 as I was having to jump paperwork and financial hoops with my vet. I was anxious making my first order but everything went perfectly well. The Abbutazone sachets each provide 1g of oral phenylbutazone as bright orange granules which are supposed to be orange flavoured but still taste bitter. I mask them in a variety of foods: Honey or jam sandwiches; porridge oats with a bit of honey or sugar; or take a core section from an apple and fill the hole with the Abbutazone. They are reasonably-well tolerated and eaten. After a month I saw an increase in mobility (arthritis) and this has steadied out after what is now two months of twice-daily medication. I was hoping for more improvement but it is a fine balance between mobility and long-term health. Always ensure that the animal being treated is eating well and doesn't have any known gastric issues. I will continue to order this medication.
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  107. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    It works! By: Hubert
    On: 21/06/2019
    We used this for our horse. He has huge problem. After the treatment with 500 sachetes, he recovered. Actually we are ending treatment and starts in competitions. Im so thankful for this medicine. I recommend it for every gastric horse.
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  108. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    For the times when you know your horse won't eat the granules By: Stacy
    On: 11/06/2019
    I bought a supply of the Abgard for times, like at shows, when I know my horse isn't as interested in his feed so won't eat the granules. It works as well as UG at 1/2 the cost. I am so glad I found Abler! Great company!
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  109. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    I recommend ABGARD as a very effective treatment for horses with gastric ulcera By: Dressage Ponies
    On: 26/05/2019
    After 28 days treatment with ABGARD my horse is more concentrated in work and less spooky at his surroundings. It enjoys eating much more than before and gained muscles. At competitions it is more relaxed.
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  110. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Fantastic product By: Big B
    On: 26/05/2019
    I was recommended this product as my horse was showing signs of ulcers. Was a little hesitant as he’s a fussy eater, but we introduced the granules gradually over a few days, he does have a big feed so he never bothered and eats them no problem. Ulcers seemed to calm down over just a month and he became much more settled in himself. Fantastic product. Delivery is a little bit slow so we now order express delivery as it comes that week.
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  111. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product! Very slow shipping By: Jennifer
    On: 24/05/2019
    This product helped our TB gelding tremendously but when I ordered more it’s taking forever to receive very disappointed . " post delivery can take the full 10 to 14working days, we always encourage to order in advance to avoid disappointment"
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  112. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    good and low price By: Michaela
    On: 28/03/2019
    As abgard was out of stock I tried this. It also works great, but my horses don´t eat it with there normal feed. my mare takes it in an apple, and my gelding needs shredded carrots mixed with his feed. But this is ok for us! It is also easy to handle and a good opportunity instead of Abgard.
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  113. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    produits incroyables By: Lino
    On: 26/02/2019
    Ces 2 produits sont géniaux. Ils ont beaucoup aidé mes chevaux.
  114. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    little beans .. great result! By: Erna
    On: 19/12/2018
    After a period of giving a high treatment dosage Abprazole i've been able (..) to reduce the gift to a prevention/maintenance dose Abprazole together with a maintenance dose Absucralfate. IMPORTANT ! : reduce dosage Omeprazole always very slowly and give again a little more when needed >> reducing Omeprazole mains (again) more acid in the stomage, it takes time and support to 'reset' the body.
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  115. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Good product! By: J.
    On: 13/12/2018
    I bought it as replacement for the german pharmacy product. The price is comparatively favorable and the handling is really easy. Unfortunately I am not able to evaluate the effectivity of this because my horse gets a few other medicaments. But I have a good feeling!
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  116. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Not sure it worked By: Lucinda
    On: 15/11/2018
    My horse is not a fussy eater but I struggled to get him to eat it. This maybe the reason I didn’t see a difference. I would definitely spend the extra and buy syringes as it’s will cost less in the long run not having to purchase twice
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  117. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    It works By: Liz
    On: 09/11/2018
    I was at my wits end nothing was working for my mare, finally tried this and she is much happier.
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  118. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    still (or my horse again ..) happy with Abler! By: Erna
    On: 22/08/2018
    A review from The Netherlands : Sucralfate isn't here available for horses .., so i can't say how glad i am that i've 'heard' from others about the existence of Abler !! I started up with the Omeprazole from the veterinarian to be replaced by the AbPrazole and supplemented later with the AbSucralfate . On this moment ( after taken all the steps of the instructions) my horse is hapy with twice a day 2 gifts Absucralfate ... on this moment no Omeprazole required ! Thanks for all the help and service Abler .. in more then one way ;)
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  119. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    happy i found ABLER ! By: Erna
    On: 23/07/2018
    I'm glad that AbPrazole can do what other, more expensieve, Omeprazole products do : help my horse to have a good life. I certainly can recommend the AbPrazole granulate ... especially in combination with the AbSucralfate... it's amazing what the two of this did and does for my horse !! THANKS ! ( excuse for bad English, i'm from The Netherlands :-) .. but message is, hopefully, clear ?
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  120. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Brilliant! By: Megan
    On: 22/07/2018
    We bought an unbroken 4year old mare from Germany and she came over very skinny, after being broken she came home and wasn’t overly fussed about food and hated her girth being done up. After about 2 weeks on the abler, she has put on loads of weight, eats a lot more hay and grass and isn’t so sensitive with her girth! Brilliant stuff, only downside is she does sometimes leave some of her feed with it in but if we put it back in another feed she tends to eat it
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  121. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    I have my horse back By: Anna
    On: 01/06/2018
    My horse after many issues had reached a point where he would no longer work in the school and was becoming very reluctant to trott at all. Since using the Omeprazole tablets he is trotting again and we are starting to work in the school. This was a last ditch attempt to see if ulcers were the cause or if he needed to face retirement - luckily it seems to have worked!
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  122. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Fabulous By: Michelle
    On: 31/05/2018
    I bought this as the main treatment for my horse over the plain as I don't feed another probiotic in the feed so thought this would be the best option for me. Easy to use and Convenient. My horse wasn't scoped but the proof is in the pudding really. Very impressed. I was careful to wean slowly and touch wood we have had no reoccurrence's
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  123. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Fantastic By: Michelle
    On: 31/05/2018
    I had to keep an eye on my mare while eating this as otherwise she would drop it but if I kept her nose in the bucket it was fine. I did 28 days full treatment then weaned off... my horse continues to be symptom free months later
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  124. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Super affordable By: Jennifer
    On: 22/04/2018
    So far medication seems to be working on my mare. Pills were super affordable and came quickly. The ordering process was very easy. Would absolutely order another product from Abler!
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  125. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Iedere paarden eigenaar met een paard met maagzweer zou dit moeten weten By: Love from Holland
    On: 03/04/2018
    Onze ruin at niet meer, gaapte voordurend en had stress.... diagnose: maagzweer... Na een 3 weken dure omeprazol spuiten van de dierenarts te hebben gegeven en een paar honderd euro lichter bleek de maagzweer niet geheel voorbij. Via een andere dierenarts en een toevallige kennis via via bij Abler terecht gekomen. Meteen per express een bestelling gedaan en een paar dagen later al in huis en nooit spijt van gehad! Onze lieve ruin helemaal opgeknapt en zal zijn leven lang onderhoudsdosering moeten krijgen. Ik heb zakjes gehad en pillen. De omeprazol in de zakjes zakt vrij snel naar de bodem gemengd met slobber, de pillen spuugt hij soms uit, ookal verstop ik die in een stuk appel. Nu crush ik de pillen en meng door de slobber. Dat gaat goed. Het zal wellicht minder werken ivm de coating die kapot is, maar ja hij houdt het nu binnen. Thank you so much Abler, I would recommend you to every horseowner with problems!
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  126. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Good product, difficult to administer By: Jule
    On: 09/03/2018
    It is not easy to get these big pills safely into a horse. I crushed these and mixed them with a bit of oats and oil. Also seems to work so wonderfully. Greetings from northern Germany
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  127. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Visible difference in two weeks. By: Margaret
    On: 26/01/2018
    I could see results by a change in my mare's mood and behavior by the second week of treatment. I found the bulk pack much easier to use since I had trouble opening the little packages because of arthritis in my hands. The bulk pack is great particularly when I was feeding the full dose of three scoops. We are now down to two scoops a day and she is continuing to improve. At first I had to put a dot of molasses on the granules since they fall through the feed to the bottom of the feed bin, but with the maintenance dose, she finishes it all up on her own. I plan on keeping her on a maintenance dose forever! Thanks Abler for an affordable and effective product.
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  128. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Will Not Go Without By: Katrin
    On: 08/01/2018
    I am a long-time adult amateur competitor. I have a gelding who was nervous, over-reactive to aids, over-reactive to any kind of environmental stimulus, spooky, anxious, unfocused -- you name it. I was in tears lamenting the thought I may have to give him up because he was unsuitable for anything but a highly competent professional (think, international level rider). Then a local professional who is also a mentor of mine suggested Abler omeprazole, and gave me an insert from from one of her packages. I bought the pill form at first, and I was STUNNED that I had a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT HORSE in a matter of days. I have since switched to the granules as I found the pills lying in the shavings on a somewhat regular basis; with the granules, I just feed with his grain and I know he's getting what he needs. Since putting my boy on Abler omeprazole, my questionable gelding has blossomed into my dream horse. I cannot thank Abler enough for making this product, nor to my mentor for suggesting it to me in the first place. I will not go without this with this horse ever again.
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  129. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Love it so far! By: Michele
    On: 08/01/2018
    Came recommended from a friend and I am extremely happy I took their advice. My horse gained back weight and muscle and looks overall so much happier. I gave him a couple days off (due to poor weather conditions) and our first ride back, it felt like he didn't miss a beat! Happy, relaxed, moving off my leg,.. Willingness I haven't felt in a long time. My horse isn't your typical "ulcer" horse - normally fat, quiet, lazy warmblood but he is coming into a more serious training schedule and more serious showing schedule as well. I know know where to go to in order to support his stomach for a fraction of the price with the same dramatic effect!
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  130. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very effective, but not always easy to administer By: JK
    On: 25/12/2017
    Works as well as products sold by vets for a fraction of the price! Administration is not always easy. Adding pills to the feed will get them chewed. Often the same, if you deposit them far back in the mouth. Coating gets destroyed before the pills are in the stomach. The big pills can also be challenging for picky eaters. Grinding up and feeding them with beet pulp destroys coating, but is often the solution to get them into the horse. They still work, but maybe less efficient.
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  131. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product! By: Carolyn
    On: 25/12/2017
    My 23 year old endurance horse just did not look thrifty this summer and fall. His weight was less than I wanted and his coat and eyes just did not look good. I did not want to put him through the scoping process and decided I would just try the Abprazole and see how it worked. In less than 2 weeks I could see an amazing difference in him. His coat started to glow, his eye had its sparkle back, and he started to put on weight. It is an amazing product and would highly recommend it.
    Read More
  132. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent product at an affordable price By: JC
    On: 24/10/2017
    We are very happy with Abgard. It resolves ulcer flare-ups and is a useful preventer ahead of going into stressful situations, like staying away from home. Much more affordable than its British equivalents and with good delivery so we are quite happy to buy from abroad.
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  133. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent wonderful product. By: Linda
    On: 22/07/2017
    I have been using this product for my horse and she is so much better. No signs of ulcers and I can she feels so much better. A friend at my barn was having ulcer issues with her horse and I loaned her a couple of my packets and she is now giving this to her horse with great results. I am so grateful to have found this product.
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  134. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very effective product for hindgut ulcers By: Rosanne
    On: 18/07/2017
    Started to feed this to my gelding 6 weeks ago whom had been wrong for nearly a year. - all sorts of issues ranging from Intermittent hind leg lameness, went from ability to do a 23 dressage to unable to school, hated transitions esp upwards would pin ears back and kick out, could not use his core and be soft and round through his lumber spine, esp right rein, hated canter, so spooky just horrid to ride and rushed along in trot strong and heavy in the hand hacking. As a home bred I knew so well these were all totally out of character. Also more tricky to handle biting at things all the time, aggressive to others in the field and would lie down all the time in the stable, picky over food. He scoped 100% clear fore gut so went for hind gut treatment with this product plus boosted his amino acids, Vit E, selenium, calcium/magnesium and high protein to help his muscle function. Well all I can say is 6 weeks down the line I have the horse we used to know back and are now daring to think he will be at an event again in the Autumn - nearly a year on from when it all went wrong. Highly recommend this product if hind gut ulcers are suspected. The conclusion I have is that his hind gut started to stress as we competed him esp staying away for a two day event in the heat and then he lost the ability to absorb the amino acids and vitamins he needed for muscle function and was not being fed enough (generally a good doer who you would not feed max amounts of performance feeds to) to replace his requirement needed as he continued to compete until we had a total stress of poor muscle function in turn stressing the hind gut more so a horrid inner turning circle. There had been no real reason to suspect anything wrong before his final event the day after which he was unridable apart from in retrospect he started tossing his head when asked to use his back in dressage and rushing his fences in SJ more than he had done in the past.
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  135. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product! Great Deal! By: PonyGirl
    On: 06/07/2017
    This AbPrazole is a fantastic product! IT REALLY WORKS!!!!! Affordable prices allow me to keep my horse healthy and happy. If I had to nit pick, the bag doesn't reseal the greatest which can result in some lost dots. The price is well worth any amount of hassle. So thankful for Abler!!!!!
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  136. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Best Product EVER By: SB
    On: 20/06/2017
    This is absolutely the best product ever! So easy to feed and, most importantly, AFFORDABLE! My mare would be lost without it.
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  137. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Liked the results, but administration was tricky By: SB
    On: 20/06/2017
    I like the product here. I love the granule format. Unfortunately, being fed on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to feed it quite tricky (and sometimes impossible) at boarding facilities. That being said, my mare did not mind eating the granules and she can be quite picky!
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  138. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    chronic ulcers By: Ames--Michigan
    On: 05/06/2017
    The AbPrazole is working great for my paso fino with ulcer issues. Much more cost effective than other options. I use probiotics and alfalfa pellets for a healthy stomach, too. My mare has to be on this treatment every day year round. Her weight is up to a normal level, she is happy to be ridden and she nickers when she hears me call.
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  139. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great Easy to Use Product By: Ellie
    On: 02/06/2017
    I have been using this product for my horse for the last 2 years. She looks great and has shown no signs of gastric ulcers since we started using this. I prefer the packets as they are easy to travel with and it ensures a correct dose.
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  140. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Easy to ensure your horse is getting the right dose By: Shyann
    On: 31/05/2017
    Abprazole Plus has done wonders for my gelding. It is important that once done with treatment, to keep up with the preventative dosing. I could not even saddle my horse this early spring because he would get so crabby (grinding teeth, swishing tail, and acting like he was going to bite me). He is not cinchy at all anymore, and he is riding very nice. Easy to feed, at first I had to mix in grain with applesauce so he would eat them (he is very picky). After he completed the treatment (28 days) I started giving him the preventative dose, which is less and I do not mix with anything besides his grain, and he licks his dish clean. The bulk pack is nice so you do not have a ton of little wrappers everywhere, verse when I first bought the product and bulk was not available. The thing I like about the individual packs is that you can ensure your horse is getting the right amount if you are not personally feeding your horse yourself.
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  141. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great stuff By: Josie
    On: 12/04/2017
    More expensive per dose than the Abgard Stable pack but very easy to use
  142. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great Product By: Carolyn
    On: 12/04/2017
    Great product, easy to use, effective and inexpensive - all things horse people like! Bought 40 of the bulk packs this time. I use Abprazole for gastric support while moving my barn south for the winter. Also use before, during and after competitions, traveling and stressful situations.
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  143. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great price for effective product! By: Lorraine
    On: 07/04/2017
    Love this product for both treating and preventing ulcers! Far more cost effective and easier to administer than the commonly available alternatives. The bulk packs offer a great price discount and more environmentally friendly packaging. I do find the packs difficult to scoop out of, so I just put them in a small tupperware for easier scooping.
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  144. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Nappy horse will now go forward By: Emily
    On: 28/03/2017
    Thanks so much for making my horse feel comfortable again she went from rearing to now going forward again! Stomach ulcers are a pain in the bum, but finally I have found a product I can control them with :) thank you
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  145. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very effective By: Rosemary
    On: 25/03/2017
    My Thoroughbred gelding has suffered with ulcers for many years. I would treat with gastroguard,and follow up with preventative medications,as well as holistic treatments. Needless to say,it was a huge expense. After much research,and positive feedback from a fellow boarder,I decided to give Abprazole a try. I am glad I did. The granules are easy to feed,and cost effective. I've seen improvement in his appearance and demeanor. I plan on keeping him on a daily preventative dose from this point forward.
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  146. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    only thing that works for hindgut ulcers By: Paulina
    On: 21/03/2017
    My mare had colics ever month, somtimes for three days. Vets didn't know what to do so I took a chance and ordered Absucralfate. It was worth it ! Two months and no colic!
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  147. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    great company! great product! By: Debora
    On: 09/03/2017
    I used ABprazole packets for the first 2 weeks of treatments. Huge difference in my horse! he is so happy now! I decided to try the ABprazole Plus for his 2nd 2 weeks of treatment. I do like the convenience of the probiotics and omeprazole all in one. I did purchase the stable pack instead of the packets and have to say that the packets were easier for me to deal with. Same great product but my next order will be for the packets
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  148. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Noticeable difference from my Thoroughbred By: Laura
    On: 07/03/2017
    My horse suffers performance anxiety and showed other signs of ulcers such as girthy behavior and was a generally nervous horse. This has certainly helped him calm down and is now far more manageable at competitions. Bulk pack makes it easy to keep him on a maintenance dose.. Only downside is I have come back to place my order 3 months later and the prices have all been bumped up which was a little disappointing.
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  149. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Top product! By: Carla
    On: 05/03/2017
    My horse has had ulcers before in 2015. I gave him the medication for 28 days by Ulcerguard/Ulcergold. That was a very expensive periode. When my horse showed the same signs in January 2017 I went looking for a cost-saving method with omeprazol. Although people are very sceptic in my country (the Netherlands) because it isn't a registered product, I took the gamble. Didn't regret that! I used Abprazol/probiotics for at least 14 days, 3 sachets a day. And after that 1 sachet a day. The result was even better with Abler Abprazole plus. After a few days I saw my horse changing for the better. No more Ulcerguard/Ulcergold for him. My horse is a cribber since 2012 and that frequency increased in December last year. He lost weight while he was in training. He also has had a problem with the girth for a long time but it seemed that it became worse. I couldn't open all sachets without scissors, but really that wasn't an issue. As long as he gets better I 'll take this for granted.
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  150. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Made a huge difference for an uncomfortable horse! By: Brooke
    On: 21/02/2017
    My gelding has been struggling with ulcers, adding AbSucralfate to his treatment plan has made a huge difference! Within just three days after staring treatment he is already regaining his apatite. His behavior had changed drastically while struggling with ulcers, normally calm and friendly, he had started to show agression and was in obvious discomfort. Adding AbSucralfate to his Abparazole treatment regimen made a near emendate change in his behavior for the better. I'm so glad that he's starting to feel and act like his old self again!
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  151. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very affordable and effective By: Christine
    On: 13/02/2017
    One of my horses had an ulcer 5 years ago. He was treated (GG) and recovered well. Same symptoms this winter, but I wanted to try something more affordable, so I went with AbPrazole... Within 2 weeks I saw the difference, so I assume it's as effective as GG, but... 8 times cheaper !
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  152. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product! By: Jac
    On: 02/02/2017
    I use this product on a daily basis to keep my 4 yo QH gelding comfortable and prevent ulcers during training. It is very effective and so much cheaper than treating ulcers after they appear! Abler also has great customer service and I love the rewards program!
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  153. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    It Works By: Chester
    On: 02/02/2017
    In 2013 our horse was suffering badly from stomach ulcers and the scope did not make pleasant viewing. Since he has been treated with Abprazole the condition has cleared completely. He still has regular flare ups of the condition when he is stressed by even simple things like travelling or a change of food. By increasing the dose (from the maintaining dose) the problem is swiftly dealt with. When we know there is a stressful situation about to happen if we give the increased dose in advance then the ulcers never even develop. I would not hesitate to recommend Abprazole.
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  154. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very good and effective product. By: Monika
    On: 21/01/2017
    Very effective and easy to use product, I can put them directly to the feed. I recommend this product. It helps, heals and brings relief.
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  155. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Affordable and easy to give! By: TW
    On: 15/01/2017
    An affordable and easy to give product! Just put it right into my mare's feed. No issues there. Only problem I had was that the granules were hard to scoop out of the narrow package.
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  156. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Overall good product By: Stephanie
    On: 14/01/2017
    Packages are difficult to open, requires scissors. Price is good compared to Ulcerguard. As far as I can tell it helps to prevent and heal,ulcers.
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  157. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    So easy to administer! By: Jennifer
    On: 12/01/2017
    My horse was on veterinary treatment for ulcers. Once his insurance cover for that treatment ran out I was looking for somewhere to turn at a better price. These sachets are so easy....just in his feed rather than having to syringe every day. Although I have also got the stable yard syringe in case he needs a bit of extra help
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  158. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Fantastic product- highly recommend! By: Nicole
    On: 11/01/2017
    So happy with the positive change in my competition Dressage horse since being on AbPrazole! So easy to use at home and at shows and has made a noticeable difference in my horses overall attitude and work ethic.
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  159. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great Product By: Suzy
    On: 04/01/2017
    I've used this product off and on for years for my horses with ulcers. I always come back to it when I have a horse that is diagnosed or presents sign of possible ulcers. It's convenient, affordable, healing results obtained and ABLER is very fair and pleasant to deal with. Truly believe the probiotic added to the omeprazole is very smart and effective and the way to go. Thank You ABLER !!!
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  160. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Mystery problem with pony solved with Abler ulcer treatment-long story By: Sharlene
    On: 31/12/2016
    Several years ago I was shopping for a pony for my 12 year old Pony Club daughter--not a project horse! A Welsh-Quarter pony advertised about 5 hours away looked perfect, calm, laid back, been there-done that, but only 7 years old. Could jump a little, and took the owner's beginner to a show. We drove up to see Taffy and my older daughter rode him, he was all good. We were in our car so would return to pick him up. We stuck around for awhile to see him participate in a birthday party. I didn't tell you, the owner operated a lesson barn and also hosted pony ride birthday parties. After the birthday party, my 12 year old wanted to ride Taffy, but she had a bad time with him, he kept trying to bite her foot, and would back instead of going forward. My older daughter hopped on again and this time and he wouldn't go for her either. She took him on a long circle around a pond and it appeared that he wasn't being mean, but something was making him very uncomfortable. When the owner led him in the arena, and he reached out to bite her back, I knew he was not going home with us. To her credit, the owner told us she could not sell him, that she needed to take him completely out of her lesson program and figure out what was going on. I was concerned he was coliking and called that night to check on him. She told me he seemed okay, but she was going to have body work done. When I checked again a couple weeks later, she was having an experienced older rider school him, but he was still having issues. We found another Welsh Pony a month or so later and we forgot about Taffy. Several months later I was at a barn and met a woman who was bubbling over with joy at "having her horse back." She'd taken him for a gastric exam and treated him for ulcers. Now he was the sweet boy she'd had before. As she described his behavior, it reminded me of Taffy. As it happened, Taffy's owner was once again listing him for sale--but she was very honest and said he was not suitable for children, he had some kind of issue that she couldn't figure out. He was also listed at a substantial discount. In my mind, I went over the details of the day we looked at him. It was the first very warm day of spring and Taffy had a winter coat. He'd been tied when we arrived, and during the 3 or 4 hours we were there, I didn't see him watered. After my older daughter rode him, he was put back in the barn aisle and the other horses were fed their lunches while he stood there with nothing to eat. He did not throw a fit or anything, but just stood there. When the party children arrived they were invited to give him treats from the bucket nearby, but I noticed that each kid that tried was a little too nervous to actually let him eat the treat. After that, he was led around the pond, with a different child hopping on every 50 feet or so, until all of the dozen little kids had a few rides. He was tied up again. Then was when my younger daughter tried to ride him, and he reacted badly. Thinking of all of this, and reviewing causes of ulcers, and his owner's very obvious surprise over his behavior, I thought there was a real possibility that ulcers might be his problem. I contacted his owner and asked if we could lease Taffy for the summer for $100 and decide at the end whether or not we wanted to buy him. She was happy to do this and then I looked into ulcer treatment--oh my God! Not even counting the gastric exam, which doesn't show hind gut ulcers, it was simply out of the question for a project pony. Thankfully I did look further than Valley Vet and found Abler, which was selling a generic version of the ulcer product. It would have seemed pricey before, but now seemed very reasonable! There is a You Tube video that shows an ulcer diagnosis exam done externally, and Taffy seemed positive for ulcers. We tried the $15 starter and then ordered the full course. After the treatment, for the next year, prior to hauling him anywhere, we gave him the preventative dose. Changing riders seemed especially to cause him stress. But, being a very smart pony, after the episode during the pony party he'd learned some behaviors that had worked for him during the time he was at his prior owner's barn, when he didn't want to be ridden anymore. Distinguishing those behaviors from those caused by pain was tricky, but eventually we concluded he was in pain no more, and he was convinced to give those behaviors up. He still does not like being ridden by children. In his mind, all those kids getting on and off had caused his belly pain, when it was actually a combination of an empty stomach, dehydration, thinking he was going to eat multiple times and being frustrated, and the exercise, that caused or exacerbated his ulcers and pain. My older daughter put him through Boz training (John Bozanich, certified student of Monte Foreman) and he can whip around a 360 that would throw an ordinary rider off! He can do some amazing things-he is the real deal, smart, athletic, and a quick learner. Abler's ulcer products saved him from a life that was bound to be less desirable for sure. As I type, he is out the back door on 40 acres of pasture with 5 of our other 15 horses. The reason I'm on the Abler site again, our 20 year old retired Arabian race horse (national track record at the 1-1/16 mile", who is being used for lessons for young children as well as jumping 3' and preparing for my daughter's C2 Pony Club rating, might have ulcers. For the past year each time we've trailered him somewhere, he's developed signs of mild colic that resolve with a dose of Banamine and hand walking. The last time was after a 50 mile slow endurance ride, he ate and drank, pooped and peed like a champ, great gut sounds and hydration at every check. After the finish and during the night, once again mild signs of colic. My daughter took him to the ride vet's camp, who checked him out and said everything sounded and looked normal. She'd already given him Bute after the ride, so couldn't give him Banamine, so just hand walked him until he seemed recovered. In thinking about all this, it occurred to me that his colic signs, not being from impaction or anything obviously serious, might be ulcers. Thank you Abler!!!
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  161. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very satisfied By: Jessica
    On: 31/12/2016
    I'm using this for my quarter horse since more than 6 month and it helps alot. Specially before we are starting on western-riding shows and he becomes nervous.
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  162. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Good stuff By: Diane
    On: 27/12/2016
    This is the most affordable omeprazole I have been able to find. This way I can use it for several horses and do not have to limit it just a few and it works!
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  163. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works great! By: Julie
    On: 27/12/2016
    I started to see improvement in my gelding within two weeks. He has been suffering from ulcers for some time and nothing else worked. After wasting money on other feed thru treatments I stumbled upon this website while looking for an alternative. I love the granules. You can put them right on top of the grain and they eat it. This is much more affordable than pasting (which not all of us get to the barn every day) and can still be given every day.
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  164. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abrazole plus is affordable By: Christine
    On: 27/12/2016
    After spending hundreds of pounds on supplements the only thing that helps our mare is omeprazole. Using your abrazole plus is affordable to keep her on it .
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  165. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    good and easy By: esther
    On: 08/12/2016
    Normaly i give the Abprazole pills but i also have some of these granules. They are especially for my mother when she feeds the horses , she finds them easy to use !
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  166. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very Happy By: SueAnn
    On: 26/11/2016
    This product is the best thing I've used to treat Ulcers. While it is a little pricey it is worth it because it works so much better than anything I've ever used. I will continue feed this to my horses.
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  167. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Very Effective By: Carol
    On: 16/11/2016
    I have bought the granules before and decided to give the tablets a try. Both have been very effective and eliminating ulcers in my horses. I had several of my horses scoped and so I knew that they indeed had ulcers. I usually see signs of relief within 3 days of use. After a full month of treatment, no one could believe the horse went from very thin, spooky horse that just wanted to eat grass in small quantities and turned up their noses at concentrates to becoming a horse that dived into their feed, was filling out beautifully and much calmer. The tablets make it easier to make sure the horse got all of the medication. My horses hate apples and I could not fit the tablet easily in a piece of carrot. I tried wrapping the tablet with green grass and this did work with some of the horses very well. But some of the horses chew their food and treats a lot, so those horses ended up chewing and breaking the tablet and spitting the pieces out. The latter horses will have to go back to the granules. There are no customs tax on anything under $200 to the USA. So, I kept my order under that amount for fear what the taxes would be if I ordered the larger more economical size. I wish I could have ordered the larger package because this has been the best ulcer medication I have ever used and the best price, but was afraid how much custom taxes would be. I would not waste your money on a lot of those other daily feed supplements sold by other companies that are supposed to prevent ulcers because this omeprazole medication without a doubt gets the uclers eliminated or prevented and saves you money in the long run.
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  168. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    easy & effective By: MCK
    On: 16/11/2016
    Easy to feed in an apple or a carrot for fussy eaters
  169. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Horse likes it By: Ines
    On: 27/10/2016
    horse eats it without any Problems. Delivery came After 7 days
  170. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Effective and Easy to Use! By: Archibald
    On: 08/10/2016
    Affordable, effective and easy to use!
  171. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great Results By: Jenny
    On: 11/07/2016
    I have used this product in conjunction with Abprazole and I have seen amazing results. So my theory of hind gut ulcers has proven correct.
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  172. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Healed my OTTB By: Brooke
    On: 06/05/2016
    MY OTTB was diagnosed with ulcers as he would not eat, after a few days on abprazole he began eating like a champ. He now is maintained on a pack a day! love the product! will be trying other items!
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  173. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Happier Horse! By: Tina
    On: 23/02/2016
    Within 10 days we saw a much more relaxed horse. Improved coat and body condition within a month!!
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  174. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Nice product! By: Marinka
    On: 18/01/2016
    I have used the Sucralfate in combination with the Abprazole plus and it definitely worked for my 12 years old mare. She looks much happier and eats better since I have started the treatment. Before the treatment she always tried to bite you when I thightend the girth, but now she doesn't anymore!
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  175. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great! By: Marinka
    On: 18/01/2016
    Great product, easy to use and affordabl ! Seems to work even better than the Aprazole as it has probiotics
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  176. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Affordable Lifesaver By: Marie
    On: 15/12/2015
    As an owner of an off track thoroughbred, I am all too familiar with ulcers. My gelding tends to get flare ups during the winter months. He is girthy, moody, teeth grinding, and in pain. Abler provides an affordable way to treat his ulcers and in no time he is back to his old self. Happy horse=happy horse mom! Thank you Abler!
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  177. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Thank you for transforming my horse! By: Dee
    On: 06/12/2015
    Thank you AbPrazole for basically transforming my horse. Gone is the hyper sensitive, super reactive animal who couldn't successfully get through an entire competition season without it all 'unravelling' and never maxmised his potential. Now I have a relaxed, happy boy who enjoys his outings and performs at his best. People have commented on how 'chilled' he is and that he is actually starting to look fat! Best of all, that distracted look of confusion and worry that he would sometimes get has gone. A great product and so easy to use.
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  178. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Excellent product! By: Andrea
    On: 04/12/2015
    When I bought my mare she had an ulcer. I didn't know it of course, because she was always pleasant, but something was off. My vet suggested she should be treated for ulcers. My friend recommended AbPrazole and I'm so glad she did! Easy to use, within one week she started licking her pan clean, and quit grinding her teeth. I can't say enough good things about it! I keep her on a maintenance dose now, so I always have sachets in my feed room. Thank you, Abler, for making it affordable to treat our horses!
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  179. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    THANK YOU By: Fenn
    On: 02/12/2015
    I got told about this product by a trainer who had used it on problem horses. I have had great results with the AbPrazole Tablets on my horses. It has helped to ease the stress of competion for my horses, keeping them focused and healthy. Thank you for making an affordable and effective product.
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  180. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    On: 31/10/2015
    I had bought my horse and he had come off pasture living and was happy and healthy. After being paddocked he started to become grumpy. He was always irritable brushing his stomach and doing up his girth. On top of that he had started to drop weight, especially at horse shows and seemed unhappy. A friend of mine had recommended Abler Abprazole as they had aided with her horse. The Abler Abprazole has made an incredible change in my horse. He is starting to gain weight and doesn't loose any at horse shows anymore. He is much happy grooming and tacking up. I am very happy with this product and what it has done for my horse!!!
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  181. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    very good By: Anastasia
    On: 09/07/2015
    Ordered it for my horses last year and going to do it again. Super easy to administer, covers all spectre of de-wormers, and thanks to the colour of the granules I am sure that my guys really consumeds their doses.
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  182. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works well, Easy to dose and feed By: Molly
    On: 11/06/2015
    My horse had great results with the other brand paste, but it is so expensive and pasting constantly was masking him a bit head shy. His previous owner told me about these, and I'm a total convert. He has gotten fat again, more lovey, more willing to ride, and his coat and dapples SHINE.
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  183. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Happier Horse - Plan Ahead By: Valerie
    On: 31/05/2015
    My horse is much happier with daily treatment. I increase to the treatment dose anytime we travel (or she is in pain) and this product is making a great difference in her happiness. However, shipping takes forever - 4 to 5 weeks on my first order. It can ship from many different countries and until your shipment arrives in the US, you have no real idea about it's progress - don't wait to re-order!
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  184. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    great medicine By: Anna
    On: 27/05/2015
    I've tested this product on two horses and it really works. Good at swellings and fever
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  185. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Such a lifesaver! By: Ashley
    On: 16/04/2015
    When we rescued Tank we couldn't figure out why he wasn't gaining weight. It turned out he had some pretty awful ulcers. I ordered the Omeprazole pills from Abler and they were an absolute lifesaver! The shipping was fast and Tank was started on them as soon as they arrived. Within a week he was already looking better and his flanks were more relaxed. By the end of the month he looked like a normal horse and had put on a ton of weight. I would seriously recommend this or other Abler products to those who are looking to treat their horses for ulcers.
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  186. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abprazole By: Kelly
    On: 07/04/2015
    Starting using the granules 2 weeks ago and have seen a huge improve improvement in Dudley's performance , jumped 3 rounds yesterday like a different horse! Highly recommended
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  187. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Quick results! By: Sacha
    On: 04/03/2015
    I'm a Belgian customer, so happy to use your product! It was like a miracle for me to discover Abler. In one day, I saw a HUGE difference on my horse. She was more quiet, more available to work. I've just bought more tablets to use now on prevention. Thank you so much Abler!!!
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  188. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Works Great! By: Susan
    On: 27/12/2014
    My mare has had bolting issues and can be very touchy on her girth and chest area. This Fall, she started to bite the stall when I would put her blanket on, she also had developed what I call "guppy lip" where she would flap her bottom lip like a fish! I did the 28 day treatment dose and within 3 days I saw marked improvement. No more "guppy lips", no more biting while blanketing and I can touch her all over her girth line and chest and she has no adverse reaction. The bolting is tremendously reduced as well. ;-) This product is great! I now have her on the prevention dose and as long as she is happy, I will be happy!
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  189. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Temperment By: Laura
    On: 07/09/2014
    My horse used to get nervous, herd bound but never a bad boy. My gosh since I started this product he is a 'on the buckle' horse at horse shows. I just up the dosage to treatment one day before the show and during the show and then maintenance at home. His weight has gone up, I show dressage and love I stand by the ring on the buckle watching another horse rear, shoot off, turn in circles. I love this stuff it truly has made my horse relaxed and maintain a great weight.
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  190. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    effective product, difficult to administer whole By: Katherine
    On: 27/08/2014
    My mare caught onto these hidden in a treat after a couple of days, and objects to a balling gun. I end up giving her more to make up for the broken or chewed tablets. Effective, but I think I will stick with the granules from now on just for ease of use.
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  191. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    very satisfied By: andrea
    On: 24/06/2014
    i've used Abprazole for one month and a half and my horse visibly gained weight
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  192. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abprazole - flexible to use and works really well By: Angela
    On: 23/06/2014
    I started using Abprazole for my mare, Millie, when my insurance for her ulcers was running out and the ulcers were still there! A friend told me about it and I was initially a little sceptical - how could something so totally different and so much less expensive than the product I'd been using actually work? I'm so glad I decided to give it a go! The sachets mean that it's very easy to vary the dose rate, so I played around a little until I found what seemed to be the right level for my girl; they also mean that it's really easy to very very slowly reduce the dosage down to allow her body to adjust slowly, rather than risking any withdrawal problems. She was happy to eat it too, although she's such a messy eater I found that, for the full dose especially (4 sachets for my girl), it helped to squeeze a bit of runny honey over the granules to stop her spreading them over the floor! I think that the product's flexibility is what helped us turn the corner - I now have a happy horse with no ulcer symptoms, and, if I think we will be doing anything that might trigger them again, or if anything will be happening that might upset her (we have duck shooting and the hunt very nearby) then I can give her some for a few days without having to re-mortgage the house to pay for it.
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  193. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Working Wonders By: Sarah
    On: 12/06/2014
    I have been using Abprazole sachets as a preventative for a couple months now and I have a calmer, more relaxed mare as a result. I find the sachets are easy to use, adding them to her mashes each evening and she loves them. Thank you for creating a product that's easy to store on hand and on the go. Would love to see you develop a product that helps prevent colonic ulcers in the future. Sharing my success with friends!!
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  194. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Worked great and back for more By: Deborah
    On: 18/12/2013
    I used the sachets for both treatment and prevention of ulcers in my mare last year. As soon as she showed signs of ulcers again this winter (girthy, biting, not wanting to go into her canters, spooky) I used the Abler sachets again and my mare was back to her usual self within a week. I am back again to buy more. Great product at an affordable price.
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  195. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Almost too good to be true! By: Melinda
    On: 28/11/2013
    My 18yo Arabian gelding had been thin and "not quite right" since I got him. After I moved house and was now keeping him at a boarding facility, it was suggested he may have a chronic ulcer condition. He didn't have the typical ulcer symptoms, but I wanted to give treatment a try. I found the Abprazole Plus "Blue Pop Rocks" through a post on a Chronicle of the Horse discussion about ulcers. I was looking for an affordable alternative to the branded paste products.Adding the granules to Kyd's feed was much easier for my boarding barn to deal with than having to dose with paste every day. We saw a postive change in Kyd's attitude and posture within the first four days of using the Abprazole Plus. It has been three months now and he is on a maintenance dose. He has gained weight, his coat is thicker and he is now happy and ready to work again. Great product! Three other horses at the barn are now on Abprazole Plus with good results too!
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  196. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Great product, but more importantly, great customer service By: Alicia
    On: 01/11/2013
    I have a Paso Fino mare, that has suffered from gastric ulcers on and off for a year. The ulcer guard treatment is costly, and the supplements dont seem to work for her. I was skeptical about ordering the omeprazole from Abler, because it was coming from another country. I ordered the 100 sachets with the expedited shipping. As I tracked the shipment, I became panicked when It was held up by customs. I called Abler, their customer support is amazing. They sent me another 20 sachets, it seemed like almost overnight, while my package was delayed. Because of their actions, I was able to start treatment immediately. Hopefully she will stop pacing And feel relief soon. this time I will keep her on the prevention aprazole dose, instead of transitioning her to an ulcer supplement. THANK YOU ABLER.
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  197. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Convenient and effective ulcer treatment By: Hannah
    On: 18/10/2013
    Having an ulcer-prone horse is a drain on the pocketbook. I tried Abler Abprazole granules because they are cost-effective, and I am very happy with the results. Lulu was girthy, anxious in her stall, and unfocused in training before my Abprazole sachets arrived. After 10 days of the treatment dose, she is back to her sweet, quiet self. No more stall walking, no more grumpy faces when the girth is tightened, and no more distracted, fussy behavior under saddle. It is far easier to administer than the common cinnamon-flavored omeprazole paste as well. I just ordered more to continue the treatment and to have onhand for stressful occasions. Hannah H
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  198. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    it's a miracle By: Gwendolyn
    On: 16/10/2013
    Cameo never had an appetite from the time she was very young. When she was four years old she was still so small and skanky I'd barely broken her to ride and had to take it very easy on her because she was so easily upset. A friend suggested that maybe she had ulcers so I looked into it and although at that time I'd never heard of ulcers in horses, it seemed most likely that that was the problem. I started giving her Abler's Omeprozole and literally within weeks she was an altogether different horse. Today, two years later, she is a beautiful healthy happy well-rounded mare that gets compliments from everyone who sees her. Gwendolyn Z
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  199. Proteus Fitness Jackshirt
    Abgard has really worked for my horse. It is so easy to administer using the syringe. By: Sally
    On: 29/08/2013
    Thanks Abler from me and my horse Stargazer. He loves taking his AbGard paste and I have seen a massive improvement in his condition.
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