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      2. Regime - Treatment or Prevention 
      3. Weight of Horse:Click either - I know my horse's weight  or I'm not sure - estimate with measurements instead 
      4. Calculate: Weight is displayed
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      • Average Horse Weight Based On Height
        Height Weight Range lbs Weight Range kg
        15.2h 904lbs-1213lbs 410kg- 550kg
        16h 1036lbs- 1543lbs 470kg- 700kg
        16.2h 1080lbs- 1653lbs 490kg- 750kg
        17h 1213lbs- 1764lbs 550kg- 800kg
      • Heart Girth (inches): Input the value for the heart girth
      • Body Length (inches): Input the value for the body length
      • Calculate - weight is displayed.
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