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  • What symptoms indicate ulcers?

    Horses may display symptoms indicating ulcers and other show no outward signs of ulcers.

    More information is available here. 

  • How are ulcers diagnosed?

    Scoping is the most conclusive method of diagnosing a gastric ulcer. Hindgut ulcers do not show on a scope. 

    Read More about diagnosis without a scope.

  • Which is most effective  Paste Granules Or Tablets

    Granues, tablets and paste all contain the same active ingredient - Omeprazole.  It comes down to the preferred and most effective administration for your horse.

    • Tablets are more difficult to administer - to avoid the horse chewing the tablet best to administer via balling or pill gun directly down the horses throat.
    • Oral paste – Syringe – oral paste administered by the mouth.
    • Granules- If your horse is not off its feed, top dress/sprinkle granules dry to horses daily feed.
    • Bulk packs offer savings.
    • Cost per day – our Gastric ulcer treatments cater to every Horse Owners budget, whether it be Oral paste, Granules or Tablets.
    • Our website allows you to Compare each Product and its features. For each product, click "Add to Compare" and then use the "Compare Products" section on the side panel

    Read More about Omeprazole...

  • What is the best way to feed ulcer medication?

    Tips on how to administer tablets, and tips on how to  feed granules.

  • Can recurring ulcers be prevented?

    Yes, prevention with AbSucralfate or Omeprazole will assist in the recurrance of gastric ulcers. Read more here.


  • What Is Enteric Coating

    An enteric coating is a barrier applied to oral medication that controls the location in the digestive system where it is absorbed. Enteric refers to the small intestine; therefore enteric coatings prevent release of medication before it reaches the small intestine.

    Most enteric coatings work by presenting a surface that is stable at the highly acidic pH found in the stomach, but breaks down rapidly at a less acidic (relatively more basic) pH.

    As Omeprazole is acid-unstable, it must have an enteric coating added to the formulation to avoid the stomach's acidic exposure, delivering the Omeprazole instead to a basic pH environment (intestine's pH 5.5 and above) where it renders the desired action. For example, the enteric coating will not dissolve in the acidic juices of the stomach (pH ~3), but it will in the higher pH (above pH 5.5) environment present in the small intestine.

    The enteric coating is designed to be stable in the acid media of the horses’ stomach but dissolves readily in neutral media of the intestine, where it is absorbed into the blood stream.

    What is enteric coating made of?

    Materials used for enteric coatings include fatty acids, waxes, and various cellulose polymers. Our products use a sophisticated Methacrylic acid copolymer dispersion.




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  • Who is Abler?

    Providing affordable treatment for your horse since 2008.

    Abler has been a leader in affordable and effective equine ulcer medication for over 10 years. We know you want the best for your horse, so we work hard to continually improve our products.

    Abler products are only available direct from which means we can keep our prices affordable and you can be confident that you are ordering from a reputable manufacturer with a global shipping networ


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    Who is Abler?

    Abler has been a registered company since 2008. 

    Customer support based in Australia. 

    The administrative address of Abler is PO Box 729, Victoria, Mahe, Republic of Seychelles.