When it comes to taking care of horses, there are considerations that have to be made by the horse owner. Vaccinations, deworming, and hoof and dental care are considerations owners need to regularly schedule and document to see to it that the entire herd is at its best condition. However, when it comes to dealing with pregnant mares, that is another story and most likely, owners will think twice about those health protocols. The regular health protocols may become an irregular thing if the mare is halfway through gestation, or in some instances, other health protocols may be added to deal with pregnant mares.

Foal and Coltrum Consumption

If your mare gave birth and the foal did not have its colostrum on that year, there would be a big chance that it may reoccur during the next foaling. In these cases, another mare’s high quality colostrums can come to the rescue.

Deworming Expectant Mares

Worming pregnant mares is a common concern for most horse owners, in fact, deworming in general is always a hot topic for the equine industry. AbIver™ can be given to pregnant mares and is the most commonly used dewormer. Another option is with AbFen™; it is also proven to be safe for use in pregnant mares. AbIver Plus™, ivermectin praziquantel combination, has been found to be safe for pregnant mares also.

It is important for owners to understand the importance of safe deworming especially in pregnant mares. Always pay attention to the manufacturer’s label; if it states that use on pregnant mares is safe, then the agent can be used.

Caring for pregnant mares is as important as caring for all your horses but with added precautions. Always consult your vet for medications that are safe or unsafe for the mare. For worming pregnant mares, choose AbIver Plus™, AbIver™ or AbFen™, all of which are products from Abler. Abler can provide all the essentials for horse deworming. Trust only Abler.

Worming pregnant mares is a common concern for most horse owners.
Worming pregnant mares is a common concern for most horse owners.