Affordable Equine Ulcer Diagnosis

Until recently scoping had been the only accepted way to diagnose equine ulcers. However, there are plenty of reasons why scoping my not be ideal or even possible.

Scoping is an invasive and sometimes traumatic experience for horses. It usually involves travel and a 12 hour fast.

Most astute horse owners will be all to aware that the stress of travel, combined with a fast - will probably make the ulcers worse in the process.

In addition, scoping can be costly with fee estimates between $300 - $500 or more depending on sedation requirements and location... And that's before we even get to the medication - with most of the 'well known' brands costing north of $1000 a month for treatment.

So what's the alternative?

Many vets are now suggesting that horses with gastric ulcer symptoms should be put on a short course of omeprazole, instead of being scoped. For many, this is a much more affordable and less invasive way to diagnose ulcers.

Abler's Affordable Equine Ulcer Treatment

You can easily & affordably buy equine omeprazole without a script from us. Available in paste, tablets or granules you can choose from standard omeprazole - known as AbPrazole - or get the added benefits of probiotics with Abprazole Plus.

We also have some great value ulcer treatment bundles available on our website, including the 30 Day Ulcer Treatment Pack

This bundle includes the gold standard in ulcer treatment combination of Omeprazole combined with Sucralfate and starts from under $400 for a 30 day supply.

This is incredible value compared to the big names charging over $1000 for Omeprazole alone.

Why is our equine ulcer treatment so affordable?

Our products contain exactly the same ingredients as the more expensive options, take the AbPrazole Syringes for example.

Both our's and the 'big brands' syringe pastes contain 2.28 grams of active Omeprazole ... And even though the active ingredient - omeprazole is the same - only the brand name is not FDA approved.

(If you've ever opted for the cheaper, generic option for medication at the pharmacy - well that's pretty much what's going on here).

We understand that some may have misgivings about our brand name not being FDA approved, however that does allow us to offer more affordable options.

From our point of view, we're looking to give you a better price - even if that means we swerve a bit of red tape.

Got any questions?

Abler has been providing a more affordable alternative to equine ulcer medication since 2008. And as the cost of horse keeping has risen exponentially - so has our popularity.

We are horse owners just like you... and with an ongoing & expensive preoccupation with retraining racehorses, we use our own products religiously on the new horses.

If you have any questions about our products or just want to reach out and speak to an actual human - then please get in touch here.