Can I use bute long term?

Bute can usually be used for 5-7 days with no adverse effects. But what if you need to treat with bute long term? Thankfully you don't need to cut off pain relief at 7 days. The solution is Gastrointestinal protectants like sucralfate.

How does bute work?

Bute, or Phenylbutazone functions by blocking the enzymes that contribute to pain and inflammation. However it also blocks the enzyme that maintains healthy gastrointestinal lining. Consequently the stomach lining is more vulnerable leading to ulceration along the digestive tract. 

How does sucralfate help?

Sucralfate  works by coating the stomach and small intestine with a protective layer.This protective barrier replaces the enzyme protectant that is blocked by bute.
However that the protective barrier formed by sucralfate can inhibit the absorption of other medications and vitamins.

For this reason, sucralfate must be fed 60 mins before or after other medications. See more about treating with sucralfate.


Long term bute use is possible with protection. Long term bute use is possible with sucralfate