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AbIver Plus™ is a broad-spectrum equine dewormer that contains ivermectin praziquantel combination. In deworming a horse, you may need to consider their age and how significant their worm burden is. In addition, you also need to look out for the safety of the drug for use in pregnant mares. Not all equine dewormers can be safe for the mare and her foal, but is AbIver Plus™ a safe candidate?

Studies have shown that AbIver Plus is indeed safe for your pregnant mares as well as the nursing ones. Before the ivermectin praziquantel formulation has been developed, no anthelmintic products work effectively against tapeworms in pregnant mares. None has been proven safe at that time until the ivermectin praziquantel combination came along.

Several studies and trials have been performed to prove the efficacy and safety of such formulation on pregnant mares. Both mares and foals involved in trials were healthy after administration of ivermectin praziquantel, with no adverse effects documented or reported affecting the mare’s fertility.

Since the ivermectin and praziquantel combination that comes in AbIver Plus has been proven safe for pregnant and nursing mares, you can now help fight off a number of equine parasites in your horses because of the broad-spectrum of activity of the said product.

Ivermectin (AbIver™) is a powerful anthelmintic drug that has been used for decades and its efficacy has still remained intact despite the problem of resistance. Given that the drug is being used appropriately and extra measures are taken to properly control parasite population, ivermectin remains to be the most effective anthelmintic product available. With the incorporation of praziquantel, the spectrum of activity of the drug has been extended to target more of the key parasites in horses, including tapeworms.

AbIver Plus™ works against different types of equine parasites

AbIver Plus™ works against different types of equine parasites including large strongyles, small strongyles, pinworms, bots (both in oral and gastric stages), and more. Since ivermectin does not target tapeworm species, the praziquantel component does the work. Together, they can be an excellent worming agent to be used.

How to administer AbIver Plus™

AbIver Plus™ is a product from Abler that comes easy to administer in turquoise-colored granules. These colored granules make it easy for you to spot if your horses have consumed the drug. The granules are packed in sachets making dosing even more convenient.

  • Use one (1) sachet per 300kg (660lb) of your horses bodyweight.

For common parasite and tapeworm infestations, there’s always AbIver Plus from Abler to help you out. Safe dewormer for Pregnant Mares

AbIver Plus™ is a broad-spectrum equine dewormer.
AbIver Plus™ is a broad-spectrum equine dewormer.