Ivermectin is the agent known to have the broadest spectrum of activity.

Effective against different equine parasites. AbIver™ contains the active ingredient ivermectin for horses and this equine dewormer is also known to be safe for all horses, including pregnant mares. Generally, AbIver™ can target parasites such as lungworms, roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, and bots in horses. This anthelmintic drug is especially effective against different stages of bot larvae.

Each sachet of AbIver™ contains 60mg of ivermectin granules. 

Calculating Your Dose

In deworming your horse, it is important to deliver the exact dosage of the drug. You can use a weight tape to obtain the weight of your horse. In calculating the dosage for dewormers, the weight is an important factor. Giving too little of the dose may result to inefficacy of action or development of resistance by the parasites; giving too much of the drug may produce side effects detrimental to the health of your horse. In getting the right dose for your horse, it is also recommended to get the guidance of your local veterinarian to make sure that the right dose will be delivered.

Measurements for girth and body length determine an approximate weight of your horse. Abler provides a calculator that makes it easier for you to determine how much of the dose will be needed based on the weight of the horse. Simply enter the girth and body length measurements in inches in the calculator and the weight of your horse can be determined.

The recommended dose for AbIver is 20mg of ivermectin per 100kg of bodyweight. In a standard small horse that weighs 300kg (660lbs), one sachet may suffice. This medication is given as a single-dose equine dewormer.

Calculation Sample:

It is given that the recommended dose for Ivermectin is 20mg per 100kg (220lb) of the bodyweight.

Horse weighs 500 kg,(1110lb)

Multiply horse weight by recommended dose (20mg)  500 x 20 = 10000

Divide the product with 100 kg.(220lb)

We get 100mg as the recommended dose.

AbIver packs/sachet contains 60mg of the active ingredient.

Dose = 1 (¾) packs to meet the required dose.

Why use AbIver?

Ivermectin AbIver™ is a beneficial product which can help you improve the health of your horse by controlling parasite infestations. It is the ideal wormer that can target important parasites in horses and an essential part of the worming program. It is also known to be a safe worming agent.

The right dose for your horse will depend on its weight, so it is necessary to stress how important knowing the weight of the horse is. The severity of the infestations should also be determined so you can choose which treatment regime, whether it is a single-dose or double-dose regime. In this case, work closely with your veterinarian, as he or she can provide the best advice on how to properly deworm your horse.