Symptoms of ulcers can be subtle or outwardly noticeable. A change from being well mannered to suddenly being difficult to handle, girthy, off feed, poor performance, a just a few signs of possible equine ulcers. It provides relief of symptoms of equine gastric and hindgut ulcers. Beacause sucralfate provides significant pain relief and recovery for horses with ulcers. The common question asked is "How long can can I treat my horse with sucralfate"?

AbSucralfate granules

How does sucralfate work?

Sucralfate is an aluminum salt of sucrose which is not absorbed or metabolized in the body. It works by coating the stomach and small intestine with a protective layer. Firstly the absorption of sucralfate is minimal. Secondly it does not affect gastric-acid output or enzyme activity.

More over allowing to heal equine glandular and non-glandular ulcers. Furthermore evidence of success in treating hindgut ulcers occurring in right dorsal colitis (RDC).

How long can I treat my horse with sucralfate?

Most vets agree that sucralfate can be used indefinitely. Especially if the benefits outweigh the risks. Very little is absorbed so no systemic toxicities have been reported. Each dose of AbSucralfate is effective for 6 to 8 hours. For best results, treat for up to 28days and then continue with the maintenance dose. The maintenance dose is half the treatment dose.  The only known side effect is constipation. Always consult your veteranarian before administering sucralfate and follow the dosage guidelines.

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