In the past, rodeo was only accessible to people from rural areas, today, joining the rodeo circuit is now open to anyone. To open the door, all you need is a competitive nature, a love of horses, good upper body and core strength.


Joining the rodeo circuit - Where to start?

Google is a pretty good place to start to locate a rodeo association. It's best to start small and get to know the locals in your region.. When you're starting, decide how far you're willing to travel to take part in events. The rodeo circuit can be many days, and weeks on the road.

There's everything from local gymkhanas to national level events. Your association can help you find a circuit (a group of events) that fits your time limitations and budget. As you and your horse's skill grow, you'll probably find your circuit evolves with you.

As with all things, there is paperwork. First up, you'll need insurance. Rodeo is a tough sport with fast-paced, high-impact events, where injuries can happen. Most rodeo associations have group policies; you get in via your membership fees, but having your own on top of that is never a bad idea.

For the Rodeo circuit, your performance horse should be fit and free of injury. Over half of the horses in training on the rodeo circuit have suffered from  gastric ulcers. High performance horses, such as rodeo horses are given high carbohydrates and asked for fierce intense workouts.. Sometimes they are also given inflammatory drugs which is one of the main causes for equine gastric ulcers. The best treatment for gastric ulcers is reducing the output of stomach acid. Omeprazole stomach ulcer medication is one of the go to medications to treat gastric ulcers.

You have an association; you have insurance; you have lessons booked, and hopefully, you'll have a horse without gastric ulcers! Now it’ss time to get out there and perform.

Experience the wonder of the  rodeo circuit , breathe it, love it and live it.