The Benefits of AbPrazole-Oral Paste

Whether you’re a horse owner or carer, you’ll regularly manage common equine health issues. One common health issue for horses is equine gastric ulcer syndrome (EGUS). Thankfully, AbPrazole (Omeprazole) is a proven and effective treatment and preventative solution for this condition. This article will discuss the benefits of AbPrazole-Oral paste and how it can help keep your horse comfortable and healthy.

Symptoms of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome


EGUS is prevalent in both performance and pleasure horses alike. Symptoms range from loss of appetite, behavioural changes, recurrent colic, weight loss, and decreased performance. Horses with EGUS may also show signs of discomfort or reluctance when ridden. Recognising these symptoms early and treating and managing the condition is essential. 

How AbPrazole Works


AbPrazole is a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). This medication eases the symptoms of equine gastric ulcer syndrome, reducing the amount of stomach acid produced by inhibiting the enzyme responsible for acid secretion. By creating a less acidic gastric environment in the stomach, the ulcers can heal faster and more effectively, preventing new ulcers from forming. This targeted approach has been proven to be an effective treatment. 


AbPrazole-Oral Paste Aids Gastric Ulcer Treatment


When administered daily, AbPrazole-Oral paste effectively treats gastric ulcers in horses by reducing stomach acidity. This relieves ulcer-related pain and discomfort to improve your horse’s well-being. Clinical studies show AbPrazole-Oral paste can heal existing ulcers within weeks, making it an essential equine medication.



AbPrazole-Oral Paste Helps Prevent Gastric Ulcers


Another benefit of AbPrazole-Oral paste is that it can also be used as a preventative measure against gastric ulcers in horses because preventing them is just as important as treating them. It’s important to note that horses that are frequently stressed, undergo intense training, or have irregular feeding schedules have a higher risk of developing equine gastric ulcer syndrome. However, regular use of AbPrazole-Oral paste can help maintain a healthy stomach lining and prevent the onset of EGUS.


AbPrazole is Available in Various Forms


AbPrazole is not only available in a paste, but also in granular form. You can choose the ideal form based on your horse's preferences or ease of administration. AbPrazole-Oral paste, however, is especially popular amongst horse owners because it is easy to administer at precise doses. When given in the paste form, the medication goes directly into the horse's stomach, maximising its efficacy and minimising waste. 


AbPrazole-Oral Paste is Easy to Administer


One of the standout benefits of AbPrazole-Oral paste is its ease of administration. The paste is packaged in a syringe for straightforward oral delivery. This way, the horse receives the correct dosage without time-consuming preparation or inconvenient feeding adjustments. The advantage of a simplified treatment plan and consistent results that AbPrazole-Oral paste delivers cannot be understated. 

With its proven efficacy, AbPrazole is essential in effectively managing and treating equine gastric ulcer syndrome. AbPrazole-Oral paste is easy to administer and incorporate into your horse's healthcare routine, ensuring a happier, healthier, and more comfortable life for your equine companion.

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