High-intensity training causes gastric ulcers in horses. Caused by a combination of gastric splashing, diet, lifestyle and stress. For example horse racing, eventing,endurance, dressage, barrel racers all involve a rigorous workload.

The formation of gastric ulcers  can be a direct result from horses subjected to rigorous training and a huge workload.

Gastric Splashing

During high intensity exercise the stomach contracts causing acid splashing of the stomach. Occurring in the non-protected area of the stomach. This is what’s known as gastric splashing. Read this article to find out more about Gastric Splashing and how to prevent it.

Rigorous Training Causes Gastric Ullcers
High Intensity Training - gastric splashing,

Change in feeding

A horse is likely to develop gastric ulcers if subjected to rigorous training and workload. If a horse is in training for long hours a day, feeding regime is interrupted. For instance they are without food for long periods. In fact during these periods of training the horse is experiencing hours of fasting. Secondly this can become worse is if the horse is fed a low roughage diet. As a result an increase in stomach acid causing gastric ulcers.

Running on empty

A performance horse under heavy training will have an empty stomach for longer periods of time. Increased activities expand more energy resulting in emptying the stomach more rapidly. An empty stomach without any food to digest will allow the acid to destroy the stomach lining resulting in gastric ulcers.

Increased stress

Rigorous training and workload may cause gastric ulcers in a horse as it increases the stress in the horse. Increased stress affects the flow of the blood in the stomach region. In conclusion stress leads to gastric ulcers