The Birth of Abprazole aka Blue Pop Rocks!

One small step for mankind, one giant leap for horse owners. Let's go back in time, circa 2009. The Abler stable already had Omeprazole in tablet form. However our customers were asking for an alternative form which was easy to feed and  still affordable. The challenge was set for our research and development team. To find another effective Omeprazole product that was easy for the horse owner to administer and not break the bank balance. The R&D team new that the enteric coating on the Omeprazole tablets was the key to success. Enteric coating holds the formulation together so that it reaches the horse’s stomach without dissolving which gives the medication the opportunity to be more effective.
Leading edge innovation had to be applied to produce a new formulation with all the same benefits as the omeprazole tabs including cost effectiveness. You have to hand it to the team they delivered a healthy bouncing baby. Omeprazole granules were born and were named AbPrazole™

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New Kid on the Block

Bringing a child into the world of Equine medication isn’t easy and the critics were out there. “How can these Abprazole granules be any good?” “What you sprinkle on the horse’s feed?” Yes there was much scepticism abound. Proof is in the eating so they say and guess what the horses were eating them and they worked.

News travels fast in this www. world,and word within the horse community spread very quickly. This new kid on the block AbPrazole really worked as Treatment and Prevention of gastric ulcers. Forums like Chronicle of the Horse were a buzz with the news of the new affordable arrival. Another advocate was Cynthia Collins  Award Winning Dressage musical Freestyle Designer. Cynthia's wealth of knowledge and experience in dealing with gastric ulcers in horses has been a great reference to many horse owners. Another great article Blue Pop Rocks 101: How to Get Your Horse to Eat Omeprazole Granules by Sarah K. Andrew, Equine Photographer helped spread the word. 

It didn’t take long before the kid got a nickname. The blue enteric coated AbPrazole granules became affectionately known as Blue Pop Rocks.

Still going Strong

Abprazole granules aka Blue ‘Pop Rocks’ has been kicking goals ever since and is still going strong. The Abler stable has since developed a range of Affordable equine medication to add to the family and continue to pass on the savings to our loyal and ever growing list of new customers. AbPrazole Granules are available in single sachets or 140gm Bulk Pack 

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