Lee Cuccia  - Hawaii USA writes to tell us a product review about her success with Abler's Omperazole granules-Abprazole

My horse, Sevigny Noelle was diagnosed with ulcers late 2011. She was stressy, paced about in her paddock. Sevigny Noelle would take a bite of food and then walk away and so on. Her temperature was normal and she wasn't colicking. She would graze normally. I tried a few things recommended by my vet and there was some improvement but her eating was just not normal. Please understand that I have had this wonderful horse in my life for over 8 years. Hence, very familiar with her habits and this was behavior I had not seen before. I heard about Omeprazole from trolling around the internet and got a direct link for Abler.

I sampled the Omeprazole granule product. There was a minor hiccup in getting the product but since being on it, my mare's eating is pretty much normal once more!