Why choose Omeprazole Tablets

Omeprazole tablets are an affordable solution for treatment of ulcers in horses. The active ingredient in omeprazole tablets decreases the secretion of acid in the stomach In other words by inhibiting of the proton  pumps. The enteric coated omeprazole tablets 

Symptoms of Gastric Ulcers in Horses

An endoscope is used to diagnose ulcers in horses The procedure is conducted by a veterinarian. Diagnosis from presenting symptoms is common. The following signs indicate presence of ulcers. 

  • poor temperament
  • moody behavior
  • poor appetite
  • diarrhea
  • and colic

Treatment and Prevention

Enteric coated omeprazole tablets will treat and prevent gastric ulcers. Once a day dose for treatment and prevention. 

How to administer Omeprazole Tablets

  •  Balling Gun. This is a syringe-like device especially made for administering tablets.
    •  Position the balling gun in the corner of the horse’s mouth.
    •  Gently push the tip of the balling gun to the back of the horse’s tongue.
    •  Raise the head of the horse.
    •  To dispense the tablet, push the balling gun’s plunger.
  •  Pill Gun. This is a long tube used to dispense pills and is similar to a caulking gun.
    •  Insert the tablet/s the horse needs in the pill gun.
    •  Steady your horse by holding it.
    •  Position the pill gun inside the horse’s mouth.
    •  Push the tablets to the back of the horse’s throat gently.
  •  Treat eg Apple
    •  Cut a hole big enough to insert the tablet in the fruit.
    •  Feed the treat to the horse and watch until you are sure the whole fruit is swallowed.