This is an amazing story about a horse owner who desperately wanted to help her horse a sweet Friesian mare called Veronica from the Netherlands  who was suffering from gastric ulcers. Veronica's owner knew her beautiful horse was in pain. Her owner Landy started researching an affordable solution for gastric ulcer treatment.

Pain caused from Gastric Ulcers

Landy knew Veronica was in pain and knew she needed to decrease the pain associated with the gastric ulcers.  The signs of pain were shown by grinding her teeth, yawning and being very sensitive when saddling up. She found AbSucralfate at Abler and started using this in conjunction with the AbPrazole Plus. AbSucralfate when ingested into the acidic environment of the horse's stomach it forms a thick viscous compound that adheres to the ulcer site, acting as a protective film, providing protection for up to six hours at a time.

Amazing Results treating Gastric Ulcers

Within weeks Landy could see her horse no longer reared up with pain when she saddled up Veronica. No more teeth grinding and the yawning had stopped. After a full twenty eight days Landy was able to reduce the treatment regime to three and then to two AbPrazole Plus sachets per day. She keeps her on a maintenance dose of two sachets per day.  Also always on hand some AbSucralfate if any signs of pain reoccur. Veronica is now a very happy horse and so is her owner.

"Thank you Abler" - Landy

The Solution for Gastric Ulcers

Landy found Abler and purchased AbPrazole Plus. and used the Abler Dosage calculator to determine the correct daily dosage for Veronica who weighs around 1400lbs/635kgs. The dosage regime that Veronica was given was four AbPrazole Plus sachets per day mixed with her grain and a little apple sauce.