Often, humans would find medicine unpleasant to the taste. This is also applicable to different animals and horses are no exemption. Horses may reject the medication if it tastes bitter. To ensure the effectiveness of the ulcer treatment the correct dose should be followed.

Omeprazole remains to be the only formulation approved by the FDA as horse ulcer treatment. It is an effective medication in the treatment and prevention of horse ulcers.

With continuous production of acid, ulcers may develop. Especially without constant salivation, which is essential for neutralizing gastric acid. Constant salivation is a natural process in the horses’ body since they are grazers, spending a lot of time eating freely.

Stable vices can be very distressing for horse and owner.

Development of Ulcers

The moment horses are stabled, there could be changes in their diet. Sometimes eating may not be as frequent as it used to be. The process of acid production is a natural process. It continues with or without the presence of food. If there is no food to be digested, there is continuous acid secretion. This could then cause injury to the lining of the stomach. As a result, ulcers develop.

Ulcers could develop at any stage of a horse’s life. Usually, it is caused by factors such as stress from transportation and intensive exercise program. At times it can also be caused by medications like NSAIDs.

To diagnose horse ulcers, you need to go seek a veterinarian or have an endoscopy procedure performed. If endoscopy is not an option obvious clinical signs can confirm presence of ulcers.

Omeprazole is a trusted formulation to be used on horses suffering from gastric ulcerations. Abler has two products containing equine Omeprazole. One is in AbGard paste form (Abgard) the other in granules (Abprazole). Both are equally effective and affordable, and trusted by many horse owners. The paste form may come in handy when horses are off their feed. Whichever formulation you choose, it is just as effective as a horse ulcer treatment plus you get savings as well.