Cynthia Collins - Luna Tunes Freestyles  USA  has had long term success with generic omeprazole for horses.

I have had to retire my main ulcer horse, but when I took her off the Omeprazole, she coliced with about 60 ulcers in her stomach. The vet at that hospital was trying to convince me that the generic omeprazole didn't work. I told him, you do understand this horse has been on it for about 10 years and in about a month without it, she colics. I told him, if anything, the horse just convinced me IT DOES WORK. She will remain on it for the rest of her life.

I do have a 4 year old who developed ulcers while at my trainers. Nothing she did, the mare just hates being in a box stall and that's all she has. So I would like to try the new stuff on her.I do have people ask me about your products from time to time and I always recommend them when they cannot get a vet to write them a script, which happens more than I care to think.

We had just won Intermediate Freestyle Champions on generic Omeprazole.

 Cynthia Collins - Luna Tunes Freestyles  USA