Travel can be stressful for humans let alone horses. Your hundreds of pounds baby gets confined to a trailer, gets separated from their stable mates. Also their normal feeding schedule is disrupted, and there are all sorts of new smells, sounds and sights in a new place. Your horse is exposed to so many things that can cause stress. Every time your horse gets stressed, they produce more stomach acid. That overproduction can lead to ulcers. Which is why you want a proton-pump inhibiting horse ulcer medication to stop your stress!

What Causes Stress in horses?

Of course, it's not just travel that leads to stress. Extreme climates, enthusiastic training programs, changes in feed or schedules, or even just a switch up in the horses around them can cause stress. Even if they amble down the road to an event, the event itself is stressful. Horses by nature are particularly sensitive to stressful situations.

They are prey animals and have a very strong fight or flight responses and are on the look out for danger constantly. (As anyone who has had a horse shy from a stick on the trail can tell you.) When stressed out, a horse produces adrenaline and cortisol (the “stress hormones”) on the inside. You can tell by the swishing tail, pawing at the ground, kicking or even biting on the outside. Evolution made horses look for an exit and get away from the scary, and when there is no way out that they can sense, they go into stress overload.

Majority of Performing horses have gastric ulcers

Of course, our babies are well kept in domestic bliss. They do not have all sorts of things trying to eat them or an environment that's trying to freeze, dehydrate or starve them. But evolution is what it is. Studies still say, though, that 80-90% of racehorses, 60% of performance horses and 30-40% of dressage horses have digestive ulcers.

So as the primary servant to your horse, it's important to know what stresses your horse out and how to help it deal with the after effects. Even something as simple as diet can cause stress in your darling! Your horse's diet should be mostly grass/hay  and a minimum of grain. Unfortunately with today's fast-paced world, that's just not always feasible. After all, someone has to work to pay the vet bills, and it's probably not going to be your horse. When schedules are disrupted, travel is required, events are happening, stress is going to be around the barn.

Affordable horse ulcer medication

Horse ulcer medication containing omeprazole will assist in the healing and prevention of ulcers in horses.  This horse ulcer medication comes in 3 forms, paste (syringe), tablet and granules/pellets. What the best ulcer treatment - well this depends on your budget and how your horse prefers to take his meds. You can minimise stress for your horse through hard work and dedication, but unfortunately, you'll never get rid of it entirely. Abler equine pharmaceuticals offers the horse owner a stress free horse ulcer medication - easy to administer, and pre measured doses of omeprazole. Take the stress away and  buy affordable horse ulcer medication today.