How to find an affordable Gastric Ulcer Horse Treatment?

  • Up to 93% of racehorses gets stomach ulcers, regardless of age
  • Almost 60% of performance horses have ulcers
  • Up to 57% of foals have stomach ulcers, particularly during the early months
  •  50% of horses with ulcers show no outward signs of gastrointestinal disease

Why Omeprazole Granules?

Enteric Coated

AbPrazole granules are enteric coated to protect the active ingredient Omeprazole. Hence ensuring it gets released in the intestine where the ulcers are causing the problem.

Treatment and Prevention
Proven as an effective affordable gastric ulcer horse treatment. Prevention or maintenance is simply half the treatment dose. A reduced dose of omeprazole granules for recurring gastric ulcers.

Cost Saving

Granules are effective for 24 hours – one dose per day. AbPrazole omeprazole granules are an affordable gastric ulcer horse treatment. The granules come in either single dose sachets or bulk pack.

Easy Administration

Omeprazole granules are easy to administer – just sprinkle on the feed. The granules are blue colored to easily check if all have been consumed. There is no bitter taste,thanks to the enteric coating so are readily accepted by even the fussiest ulcer horse. Easy administration saves time and money.

Omeprazole suppresses acid in the stomach

Clinical symptoms:

Examining the horse with a gastroscope is the only certain way to diagnose gastric ulcers. However obvious symptoms are usually an indicative guide that a horse is suffering form EGUS.  The following list is not exhaustive.

  • Decreased appetite - Off feed
  • Weight Loos
  • Poor condition
  • Dull coat
  • Behavioural changes - Grinding Teeth, Hunched in standing postion
  • Aggression or nervous disposition

Treatment of Equine Ulcers:

In the absence of a gastrscopic examination, successful treatment of the symptoms usually confirms the presence of ulcers. The most successful treatment regime today is the use of Omeprazole. An affordable gastric ulcer horse treatment is omeprazole granules.There are many omeprazole products on the market. However the key is to find an affordable gastric ulcer horse treatment. Omeprazole granules are the solution. .