AbPrazole Plus is an effective formulation to combat equine ulcers. A two-in-one formulation consisting of Omeprazole for acid suppression and probiotics to boost recovery after illness.

In the wild, horses are constantly grazing on grass (up to 16 hours a day). For digestion to take place, they typically produce around 1.5 litres of acid in their guts every hour. However, when horses are housed in stables or fed with restricted diets, the natural gastric acid production continues whilst there is less food in their stomachs to act as an acid buffer. If this continues on a regular basis, ulceration to stomach lining can occur.

Other factors that can contribute to ulceration include; stress, intensive exercise and use of medications like NSAID's (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs).

The following symptoms can indicate ulcers;

  • Weight loss
    - Unhealthy looking skin and coat
    - Behavioral changes, such as excessive salivation, hunched while standing, constant teeth grinding, aggression

What Do I Need to Know About Abprazole Plus?

It works in two ways. The Omeprazole granules suppress acid production, which is the cause for horse ulcers, while probiotics serve as the supporting ingredient that helps the horse to recover more quickly. The granules are enteric coated, which means that the medication reaches the absorption site (the small intestine), without being disintegrated by the strong, acidic environment inside the gut.

AbPrazole Plus as the Perfect Combination to Treat Ulcers

AbPrazole Plus is the best solution for horse ulcers. It’s easy to use and comes in a single-dose sachet. It also has royal blue (probiotic ) & blue-colored granules to make it easy for you to find out if all granules have been consumed. It has no unpleasant taste. The formulation is ideal for a horse weighing 385 lb (175kg) to be given once a day. The enteric-coating formula makes sure that your horse gets the treatment it deserves from the Omeprazole granules. Since horses can lose their appetite or can be picky eaters when stabled, you also need probiotics to ensure good bacteria rule over bad bacteria, which may cause malabsorption of nutrients.

On top of all that, what makes AbPrazole Plus even more interesting is that you can get it for an affordable price. So choose AbPrazole Plus now – the only two-in-one formulation for equine ulcers that works perfectly!


AbPrazole Plus is an effective formulation to combat equine ulcers.