Equine gastric ulcers are found in the stomach of horses, similar to the ones we find in a human stomach. Nowadays, there has been a striking growth in the number of equine ulcer cases as well as the various treatment options in curing and preventing them.

There are many factors that cause equine ulcers. Mostly it is due to humans interfering with a horse's natural environment and feeding routine. With the increased domestication of horses, the number cases of equine gastric ulcers has also increased.

AbPrazole is a medication specifically used to treat equine gastric ulcers.

How do ulcers occur? 

Let's take for example, a modern day racing stable.

Increased levels of stress have been found to be associated with increased ulcer prevalence. The following situations are common in racing stables can be highly stressful for horses;

- Isolation in stables away from other horses

- Strenuous training sessions

- Competing

- Long distance transportation

- Medical examinations and treatments

By knowing the possible circumstances that can contribute to the development of equine ulcers, we can also find ways to prevent them or at least minimize the stressors.


AbPrazole is an omeprazole based medication which is easily fed to horses in the from of granules sprinkled onto their feed. If your horse is starting to develop the signs of equine AbPrazole is the best treatment.

It can even be used as a preventive medication to avoid equine ulcers in horses that are prone to developing them. These granules allow horses to continue with the normal daily trainings as the granules are well-tolerated among horses.