Equine Omeprazole the Trusted Medication

Equine omeprazole is the trusted medication for treating equine gastric ulcers. Horses  suffering from gastric ulcers benefit from the administration of omeprazole. This medication decreases the production of stomach acid. Therefore reducing incidence of digestive ulcers. 

Factors that can cause digestive ulcers in horse

There are different factors that can cause digestive ulcers in horses. Horses are meant to graze freely in pastures. Domestication of horses has changed their feeding habits. For instance high grain feed and less often feeding contribute to digestive problems. 

Omeprazole granules for treatment and prevention of gastric ulcers

Omeprazole granules for treatment and prevention

There are many forms of equine omeprazole on the market. A convenient and effective form is omeprazole granules. Omeprazole granules can be used for treatment and prevention regimes. Enteric coating ensures the granules reach the source where it can be absorbed. Granules are easy to administer for example sprinkle on top of feed. 

Untreated ulcers can lead to bigger problems

Ulcers when left untreated can develop into a more serious condition. A condition which can be life-threatening for your horse. Therefore you need an effective and affordable solution. You can help save your horse’s life by preventing and treating ulcers with equine omeprazole granules