How will you ever give such formulation to a horse? Fortunately, there are ways on how you can administer the medicines successfully.

A diagnosis has been established and everything will be up to you. Your vet may have prescribed to you omeprazole tablets and then you went on to buy some and saw how large the tablets can be.  With Abler, there are various dosage forms that may suit your ability to give horse medications. So, between Abler’s equine omeprazole tablets and granules, which would be easier to deliver? First, let’s discuss these two equine omeprazole dosage forms – the tablets and the granules.

Feeding Granulated Equine Omeprazole

Anyone who’s medicating a horse understands how these animals can be fussy when fed with modified feed. Still, you can lure your horse into eating the feed anyway. The trick is to find a carrier feed that it fancies. Try blending the granules with cooked carrots or with applesauce and mix it well with the grain.  If your horse is particularly a sweet-tooth, add molasses or corn syrup.

Shoot the Medication Down

If you don’t consider sticking your arm inside the horse’s mouth to deliver the medication, then the balling gun can just come in very handy. This device is intended to deliver medications in tablet or pill form, in this case, Abler’s omeprazole tablets.  To use this, pull back the plunger and insert the tablet on the open end. Hold it down so the tablet won’t fall off. Raise your horse’s head then insert the device into its mouth up to the base of his tongue. Push the plunger to deliver the tablet. Remember not to insert the balling gun beyond the base of the tongue as it can cause serious damage to its throat.

With both dosage forms presented, which would be easier to administer?

It may take trial and error and some time to find the best method of giving the medication to your horse. Some horses are hard to be tricked by masking granulated omeprazole with additives such as syrups, as mentioned above. Some horses would even resist when they are being touched near the mouth area. The best and easiest way to administer your equine omeprazole is to find out which of these methods will suit your horse best and which of them will not give you a hard time.

Abler will deliver only the best to you with its equine omeprazole formulations. Choose from equine omeprazole paste, granules, and tablets! Make Abler your trusted source for equine medications!