A very common challenge in caring for a horse is the prevalence of digestive ulcers. The common signs of ulcers in horses include dull coat, poor appetite, behavioral problems, poor performance and generally poor health. Increased awareness of such conditions has led many horse owners to seek professional advice from veterinarians on the most effective management and treatment for ulcers.

Gastric ulcers are diagnosed through endoscopy. This is where a flexible endoscope is inserted through the horse's esophagus and into his stomach. Permitting a real-time visual examination of the stomach walls. Blood tests are also performed. Getting your horse diagnosed for digestive ulcers may be more expensive than having it treated.

What usually leads to stomach ulcers?

Every horse owner is aware of this problem since it occurs in over 70% of horses for any purpose, whether racing or for performance. The way the horse is managed is the major cause of such problems. Horses that are confined in stables are much prone to develop gastric ulcers than those horses that are set free to graze freely. When they are fed with hard feeds such as feeds with high grain content, it will also likely result to the problem. Horses that are subjected to intensive training are usually stressed horses and when horses face stressful situations, they would develop the condition. Other causes of ulcers in horses include usage of NSAIDS and even constant transportation.


You can reduce the prevalence of such condition in many ways. One is to allow your horse to graze freely more often as this is proven t improve the health of your horse. Reducing the duration of training may also help. If none of these measures are applicable, horse owners can also turn to pharmaceutical products like Omeprazole.  Omeprazole works by  decreasing acid production in a horse’s stomach. If you suspect that your horse is suffering from gastric problems like ulcer from observing common signs, then consult your vet for the most effective treatment plan.

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