Probiotics for horses must be an important part of their daily nutrition. They are effective in dealing with problems of weight and all problems associated with the intestinal and digestive tract. When you need to find an effective probiotic formulation, you should consider AbActive. AbActive is an equine probiotics that comes in granule form; you won’t have any difficulty administering this formulation to your horses, plus it is very affordable.

Probiotics promote healthy gut

You might wonder why probiotics are so important for horses. The digestive and intestinal tract of a horse contains millions of microorganisms that give benefits by helping with proper food digestion. These beneficial microorganisms should be great in number when compared to the bad ones. Having the sufficient amount of good bacteria can keep your horse maintain its health. Usually, they decrease in numbers when horses face stressful situations such as transporting, training, and even foaling. Antibiotic therapy is also another reason why good microorganisms decrease in number since antibiotics can also target the beneficial microorganisms. Any change in the standard routine of a horse could also lead to decrease of the number of the good bacteria.

Inevitably, horses will face a lot of stress. This may be due to a change in training where they may be trained for high performance, endurance or even for a race. Malabsorption can result from the lack of beneficial bacteria and over time, the condition could worsen bringing health problems like hair and coat problems, and also diarrhea. Overall, the performance of your horse will be affected.

Choosing AbActive will help your Horse

Equine probiotics can remedy problems in the digestive system of the horse. AbActive is one formulation which you can depend on. It is an equine digestive supplement which keeps your horse’s digestive system healthy. It comes with an enteric-coating which protects the formulation as it finds its way to the intestines where it will be absorbed; making sure its function has been performed. You won’t even have a hard time using AbActive. You only need to add the granules onto the feed. It comes in individual sachets which make for convenient dosing. Each sachet is good for one dose.

All horse owners understand how important it is to keep their horses happy and healthy and choosing equine probiotics to achieve such a goal will assist to maintain good health. Choose only a formulation proven to be effective, easy to use and guaranteed to save you money. AbActive is the best choice to guarantee good health for your horse.