Equine probiotics have become more popular as a horse supplement that can help aid in the proper digestion of horse feed and promote healthy gut that leads to a healthy system.

Your horse’s digestive system is home to a variety of bacteria; those that are necessary for proper digestion, as well as those harmful bacteria that may interfere with nutrient absorption and cause certain diseases. However, these two groups of bacteria need to coexist and they do inside the digestive system. These bacteria need to maintain the natural balance in a healthy animal.  Unfortunately, good bacteria are susceptible to different stressors. When these stressors are present, the number of good bacteria can be reduced. The balance of good and bad bacteria will be lost, and as a result, harmful bacteria overgrow and take over the population. This will result in improper digestion of feed or possibly, the development of disease such as diarrhea.

Equine probiotics are then useful because they can help re-establish the balance needed in your horse’s gut by introducing a significant population of good bacteria into your horse’s system.

What are the Different Stressors Common to Horses?

Horses can face different stressors that can have a negative impact on the balance of the gut flora. Among these are intensive training, transportation, breeding, heavy performance, excessive antibiotic use, certain disease, and changes of feeding routine, among others. These stressors can also cause horses to lose their appetite. But with the help of probiotics, these horses can regain their appetite. Horse probiotics can also be used safely in newborn foals, to promote the growth of good bacteria population, as well as to help reduce or avoid problems such as diarrhea and the like.

How Often Should You Use Probiotics?

Probiotics are best used prior to introducing your horse to stress. They are usually employed during or after the horse have been exposed to stress to help re-establish the population of good bacteria and restore its balance.

Is it Safe to Use Probiotics?

Probiotics are considered safe to be given to horses. The bacteria used in the formulation are derived from all natural healthy animals, the same quality used in human food.

AbActive – your choice of Equine Probiotics

There are several benefits to equine probiotics and the most important of them is promoting optimum digestive health. When you need affordable and effective equine probiotics that’s easy to administer, choose AbActive granules, a product from Abler you can trust.