Equine digestive supplements

Horses may need digestive supplements to make sure that both their digestive and intestinal tracts are healthy, fully functional and free of disease. Such supplements include probiotics and when it comes to equine probiotics, you can trust AbActive.

Both humans and animals have billions of good microorganisms inhabiting their intestines. They are helpful in processing food into useable energy as well as protecting the body from diseases caused by bacteria. Normally, horses graze and receive the adequate amount of beneficial microorganisms from the different green grasses and plants that they eat. It is believed that the domesticated horses’ of today do not have sufficient amounts of such microorganisms to keep their intestines healthy. This gradually causes decline of health as well as putting the horse at risk for various immune system and digestive problems. For this reason, many horse owners should consider the use of digestive supplements.


Why Probiotics for Horses are Necessary

There are a number of reasons why equine probiotics should be incorporated to the daily nutrition of horses. Probiotics can:

- Help with protein, fiber, fats, starch, and sugar breakdown to help digest food better
- Promote regular bowel movements
- Help in the restoration of natural balance of intestinal flora
- Serve as intestinal lining protection
- Help with the manufacture of some essential nutrients like B vitamins
- Enhance functionality of immune system in the intestines

When do you require Probiotics for Horses?

Usually probiotics for horses are recommended when horses are under antibiotic therapy. Since antibiotics kill microorganisms, it may not just eliminate the bad bacteria but also the good ones, therefore disrupting the normal balance of intestinal flora. Equine probiotics are also given to horses with chronic intestinal diseases such as diarrhea; senior or geriatric horse and new born foals, those that have allergies, horses that travel very often or are often under stress, and those that find it difficult to maintain their weight.

AbActive – Equine Probiotics for Your Horses’ Health

AbActive is a granule formulation of equine probiotics. It is enteric coated which means that the whole formulation can reach the intestines to be absorbed without being destroyed by strong gastric acid inside the stomach. AbActive is effective in keeping the digestive system of your horses healthy. Giving the formulation is a rather easy process; you only need to mix the granules with the horse’s feed, either dry or mixed with corn syrup or molasses.

Your horses only deserve to be in a healthy state. Keep them happy and healthy. Use AbActive.