An astonishing percentage of horses suffer from the common problem, digestive ulcers. This is also known as the Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome or EGUS. It can be compared to the human condition called the acid reflux disease and also has the same level of severity.

Abler AbPrazole has been designed as EGUS treatment so that you horse will not have to feel pain and discomfort. AbPrazole contains Omeprazole granules which work by stopping the overproduction of gastric acid which brings about digestive ulcers. AbPrazole is made more convenient for you since you can order it online.

Digestive Ulcers

There are a number of ways in which horse can develop debilitating digestive ulcers. The most common factor is being given very limited access to free grazing or not providing sufficient roughage for the horse. Feeding horses with high-grain feeds and less forage could also be a cause of such condition. Various research studies have revealed that there are so many different factors that can lead to horse ulcer development. These factors include competition, training, confinement, sickness, injury, and even the simplest changes in the horse’s routine. Other studies reveal that in just a short period of 5 days, ulcers may already develop. There are about ninety percent of racehorses that can be affected by ulcers and sixty percent comprise performance horses which are not bred for racing. This only indicates that stress is definitely a causative factor for ulcers in horses.

Omeprazole Granules

AbPrazole comes in granules which makes it easy for dosing. With AbPrazole, now you can treat horse ulcers yourself because it is so easy to use. You simply mix the granules on your horse’s feed. This can be either dry or mixed with molasses or corn syrup to ensure proper digestion. Though AbPrazole is safe to use without any noted adverse effects, it should be used with caution on pregnant mares and their newborn foals.

Omeprazole granules is necessary for the treatment of equine digestive ulcers. Allowing your horse to remain at their best state to give you great performance. When you have stabled or even backyard horses, always look out for clinical signs such as poor appetite, poor performance, changes in behavior and the like. If you simply ignore EGUS for too long, several complications may result. For this reason, it is always best to have ulcers treated early on.