Probiotics have long been used in medicine. Mainly use by humans to promote proper metabolism and help with stress reduction. Interestingly, they are also relevant to the animal kingdom, particularly in horses. Just keep in mind the fact that horses rely on grass for their sustenance and nutrition. The grass is fermented inside the horse’s gut and provides the necessary nutrients needed by the animal. Fermentation is a process that depends on the existence of beneficial microorganisms which thrive in the horse’s large intestine. Equine probiotics are needed to keep the digestive system working at an optimal level.

The benefits:

Before you go for probiotics for horses, you should get a clear understanding as to how those beneficial microorganisms can perform an important role in the improvement of the health of a horse. First off, the foals get them firsthand from the time they are born when their mothers lick them clean. Following that, the normal grazing routine of the horse allows it to restock the microorganisms to maintain its number inside the digestive tract. Incorporating probiotics in the horse’s diet will help in increasing the number of the beneficial bacteria.


These benefits make probiotics good for your horse’s health but which should be used? There are paste formulations of such products as well as the powder form which can be incorporated to the feed. However, there’s a more convenient formulation which comes in the form of granules, and AbActive is the kind of probiotics you need when you seek for convenience and efficacy. What makes AbActive probiotic granules special is that it is enteric-coated so it will travel down the digestive tract intact for absorption. The colour it possesses is advantageous in determining whether the granules have been consumed or not.


Research shows that to be able to get the most out of equine probiotics, they should be administered on a regular basis. There are no side effects to giving such formulation but it is recommended to read dosage instructions before giving it to the animal. Not all horses should necessarily be given probiotics. For example in the case of a healthy horse which only receives minimum exercise time. However, if you have a horse bred for show or racing, it is critical to give probiotics supplementation.

Your horse should be kept at a healthy state. With equine probiotics in AbActive, you can ensure that your horses enjoy healthier and longer lives.