Why does my horse need probiotics?

Are equine probiotics really necessary? Probiotics are widely  used in humans to promote 'good' gut bacteria and in turn boosting good health. A fairly new concept in the horse world but equine probiotics are designed to work in the same way.

Your horse needs a probiotic to compensate for the effects of stress, dietary changes on the horse's system. 

Imbalance of the Normal Gut Flora Causes Digestive Problems

Similar to humans a horse's intestinal tract is where nutrients are digested and absorbed. In addition it is also where both good and bad microorganisms are colonized. These organisms need to be balanced to maintain good gut health.


Equine Probiotics necessary for good health Stress a cause of imbalance in the gut


Stress lead to the growth of pathogenic microorganisms which then overpowers good bacteria. The use of antibiotics will also upset the balance of gut's flora. Antibiotics eliminate bad bacteria but they are also detrimental to good microorganisms. Consequently leading to imbalance and digestive issues.

Healthy Gut Healthy Horse

The more we learn about how gut bacteria can influence the health of horses the better. There is supporting evidence that diseases like foal pneumonia, laminitis and colic relate to poor gut health. 

To improve digestive problems equine probiotics are necessary. Further more using an enteric coated formulation ensures that the medication will reach the absorption area. Controlling  gut bacteria to maintain good health and prevent disease through the use of probiotics is supported by veterinary research.

How to administer probiotics

There are excellent choices of equine probiotics on the market. You can select a probiotic as a granule form to add to the horse's feed. However you can also chose a combination of omeprazole with an added probiotic. It is recommended to start administration in advance of upcoming events considered stressful for the horse. Introduction of a probiotic can also settle cases of diarrhea. Keep an eye on your horse monitor results.Always consult your veteranarian for advice about horse supplements. Furthermore follow the recommended dosage on the label.