Nutritional supplements are widely used by horse owners. Supplements formulated to improve the function of the digestive tract are the most commonly used. This fact is not so surprising since the horse’s digestive system is highly sensitive. The health of the horse highly depends on the state of its digestive tract. The most common health product to aid in the improvement of the digestive system are probiotics - referred to  equine probiotics.

Equine probiotics

Probiotics are also used in humans to treat and manage infectious diarrhea and other digestive problems. The equine industry, veterinarians and horse handlers also administer probiotics to horses to manage GI-related problems like diarrhea. Equine probiotics promote the growth of good microbes as well as minimize the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.


Equine probiotic supplements benefit the horse in many ways. Apart from the promotion of good microorganisms to help maintain a good state of the digestive system, probiotics also help maintain the normal gut flora of the horse during antibiotic treatment. Antibiotics, transport, stress, sudden dietary changes and bacterial infections can affect the normal population of good microbes in the large intestine.

Probiotics are not normally required for horses who have access to free running, good pasture creating the ideal stress free environment. Unlike a stabled horse undergoing stressful training for a high performance event – the training program being very stressful will lead to digestive imbalances. While probiotics are generally safe to use, it is always best to discuss administration of treatment with your vet.


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