If you have a horse which eats healthily, it is a bonus  to the horse owner. A horse should be given enough turnout time in a well-maintained pasture, and fed a diet of hay and grass rich in fiber, and less grain. Give a dewormer on the most appropriate schedule to rid it of the potential parasite threat before it suffers from any health problems. If it experiences a mild bellyache, and you are sure that it is not a colic problem, then you may need to know something more about nutritional aids such as equine probiotics.

The term “probiotics” means “for life” and they are actually live bacteria that are believed to be capable of restoring or enhancing the natural balance of flora in the horse’s gut. In other words, it means that horse probiotics increase the number of bugs that naturally live in the gut, which help aid in the efficiency of the digestive processes. Antibiotics are usually prescribed for horses to heal certain infections from injuries and these drugs can adversely interfere with its digestive processes by upsetting the natural balance of flora by killing off good bacteria.

Naturally, beneficial microorganisms will propagate but in horses with compromised immune systems, these beneficial microorganisms might not be able to propagate without some help.

In these cases, some veterinarians recommend using probiotics.

Insufficient scientific evidence is available to ascertain the fact that equine probiotics do aid in digestion; nevertheless, horse owners usually give them as preventive measures provided there is no risk in doing so. So how do you know that your digestive aid has worked effectively? If you see your horse requires less food, the hair coat looks normal and its manure appears the right color and defecating is consistently regular these indicate that proper digestion is taking place, and your horse has no gut problems.

It is a fact that good bacteria help in digestion and they naturally live in the horse’s digestive tract. In stressful events and/or conditions, their population may decrease and they may not be able to perform their function well enough in small numbers. You can help boost their numbers by adding probiotics to your horse’s feed.

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