Take the stress out of administering wormers

Administering equine dewormers should not be stressful for the horse or the owner. Some basic approaches should be followed to keep the horse calm. If your preferred method is to use a paste wormer start to condition your horse to accept a syringe orally. Alternatively try the convenience of granule wormers.

Convenience of granule equine dewormers

A syringe is the conventional method of administration of equine dewormers. However granular forms of wormers are proving to be an effective and convenient option. All the important deworming agents, praziquantel and ivermectin, including  fenbendazole are available in granular form. your horse. The granules are simply sprinkled on top of feed. Another good tip is to sprinkle on an apple or carrot. They are brightly colored therefore you can check if all have been consumed. 

What is the right time to deworm my horse

Firstly always discuss with your veterinarian about which worming agent is best for your situation. Secondly assess which parasite is prevalent in your area.  It will also depend on the time of year and season as to which worming agent to use.  A rotational worming program is recommended by vets. It can vary on severity of infestation, but every eight weeks is the normal standard.

Dewormer chart shows which wormer for which parasite