Regular deworming is necessary to ensure optimum health for your horse. Many of the popular  equine dewormers on the market are available in paste and granules.

So which is better to use?

Equine Dewormers  - Paste

Most conventional equine dewormers come in paste form in syringes.  To administer the deworming agent, the syringe dosage is set according to the horse’s weight.

When giving  equine dewormers in paste form, the horse’s mouth should be empty. The syringe is inserted into the corner of the mouth and the medication will be delivered by pushing the plunger down to release the active ingredient to the back of the horse’s mouth.


  • Paste dewormers are commonly used and the practice of administering them is more familiar to many horse owners.
  • The exact and correct dosage of the dewormer can be assured and delivered since the syringe can be calibrated according to the weight of the horse.
  • The paste is naturally sticky which makes it hard for the horse to spit out.


  • For some horses it can be a real battle.
  • Some horses do not like the taste of paste dewormers and they may constantly jerk their heads away from the syringe.
  • Horses may spit out the drug if the paste is not administered properly.

Equine Dewormers - Granules

Equine Dewormers in granule form are a new and easy way to deworm your horse. Many horse owners prefer the granules as they are easy to administer. The granules come in individual sachets and sprinkled on feed.


  • The major advantage of using deworming granules is the convenience of administration; it only needs to be added to the feed – sprinkle/top dress or mix to feed.
  • Granules are brightly colored – easy to see all have been consumed. No waste
  • Cost-effective and ready to administer and conveniently packed in individual sachets.
  • Makes a great alternative for horses that constantly resist oral paste dewormers.
  • No bitter taste


  • Some picky eating horses can be so smart to pick portions of the feed that do not contain granules.
  • The horse owner may have to add a sticky mix such as molasses/corn syrup for the  granules to stick to the feed to ensure all is consumed.

You know your horse best and it comes down to which type of administration your horse and you prefer.