Broad spectrum horse anthelmintics can be considered an effective solution to target equine parasites because it helps minimize the development of drug resistance.

Information on Praziquantel

Most animal owners may be familiar with the drug Praziquantel. It has been available in the market for several years now and is proven to be effective to control tapeworms in cats and dogs. There has not been any product effective for horses until recently when Praziquantel was found to work in the equine industry. Praziquantel can be 95% effective in targeting the most typical species of tapeworms in horses, the Anoplocepha perfoliata.

It has been studied that colic experienced by horses are commonly brought about by tapeworm infestation. Even in small numbers, they can cause gas or spasmodic colic. Presence of a large number of tapeworms can lead to very serious conditions which may require surgical procedures or worse, euthanasia. When it comes to tapeworm infestation, Praziquantel has been proven to be safe for use even for nursing mares. There are no side effects reported even when the dose given is larger than the recommended dose.

Information on Ivermectin

Normally, if dewormers are not being administered the right way, parasites can develop drug resistance which makes it hard to eliminate them. For instance, small strongyles or bloodworms, have developed resistance against benzimidazoles. However, this problem can be solved with Ivermectin. Ivermectin is effective in targeting small strongyles. Though there are a lot of horse anthelmintics that claim to be effective against such parasites, they may only be effective in targeting the adult worms but not the eggs. Luckily, Ivermectin is used to target  this task.

An effective combination horse anthelmintic

The efficacy of both drugs combined paves way for an effective horse worming program. The two ingredients are specifically put together to target different stages of intestinal parasites, not only the adult worms but including the egg stages of the worms. AbIver Plus comes in a granule form which is affordable and so easy to administer. Allows your horses to stay healthy and parasite-free. In choosing an effective formulation like Ablver Plus and observing a proper horse worming schedule, you can be sure that intestinal parasites in horses are well controlled.