Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II is ninety plus years old and still doing what she loves doing; riding and caring for horses. At the age of three years, the current Queen of England was given her first pony by her grandfather King George V. That gift was a Shetland mare named Peggy. Her first riding lesson was an instant success, and she hasn't looked back since.  


Princess Anne

The queen's daughter Princess Anne is also a fine rider having competed as part of the United Kingdom's equestrian team in 1976. She participated in both the individual and team event competitions. She didn't do fantastically well placing twenty-fourth in individual, but as a part of her team, she placed ninth. She was the sole competing woman who wasn't subjected to a gender exam as she was the daughter of the reigning queen and the test was deemed inappropriate.

Princess Anne was married to Captain Mark Phillips, who is a gold medal-winning equestrian who also represented the United Kingdom  at the 1972 Olympics where he won his gold.



Zara Tindall

Continuing into the third generation of British equestrian royalty, the daughter of Princess Anne and Captain Phillps, Mrs. Zara Tindall is a very accomplished rider. Sponsored by private corporations to fund her equestrian career, she has won gold at the European Eventing Championships and both gold and silver at the Worlds. She did not participate in the 2008 Olympics due to an injury to her mount, but she proved her mettle at the 2012 London Olympics, where Team GB won silver. The winners were presented their medals by Mrs. Tindall's mother, Princess Anne.

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