It is not surprising that intestinal parasites are common among horses. However, if you establish a proper equine worming schedule, you can ensure that worms will be targeted and eliminated successfully. Not only that, but their reoccurrence will be prevented, keeping your horses parasite-free. A lot of medications for this condition are available and are termed as “dewormers” but commonly, they are also known as “wormers”.

Determining the Horse Worming Needs

Every horse’s situation is entirely different from the other. Unfortunately, there is no absolutely perfect horse deworming program. The situation varies from one horse to another even those that are staying in the same barn. There are different factors to be taken into consideration if you wish to have an effective equine worming program which includes:

- Travel – horses that constantly travel are exposed to parasite-infested horses
- Age – younger horses are more prone to such condition
- Location – some parasites thrive well in certain places or particular climates
- Season –some parasites only thrive well during certain seasons
- Pasture Pals – some animals may be carriers of parasites
- Pasture Load – horses that constantly graze in a particular area may be more exposed to parasites.

There are a variety of dewormers made available and they can come in the form of pellets, paste or powder. You need to choose the type of wormer which is well-tolerated by your horse. Dewormers contain different active ingredients which can be effective against various types of worms. There are those that specifically target parasites like tapeworms. Others can target a wide range of parasites from larger ones to the tiny ones.

Choose Abler for a More Effective Deworming Schedule

For a more effective deworming program, you need a formulation that can target a broad range of parasites. Luckily, Abler fits the description; dewormers contain  ingredients, Fenbenzadole, Ivermectin and Praziquantel, which are effective in controlling parasite infestation in only a single dosing.

The granule packets are designed allows you to deliver the exact dosing since it comes in accordance to the weight of the horse. You simply need to know the horse’s weight and adjust the dose based on its weight.