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Internal parasites are a common concern for all horse owners. These parasites can deprive your horse of basic nutrients needed for your horses well being, development and performance output. They can damage your horse’s gastro-intestinal and respiratory tracts and can even prove fatal if untreated.There are many different types of parasites that attack your horse and cause different health outcomes.

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This common health issue can be overcome by following a proper deworming schedule to target worms and bots and prevent them from coming back, and allow your horse to enjoy a worm free life.

Various factors play a role on how parasites infect a horse:

Age – a younger horse or a foal is more prone to attacks of certain parasites.
• Season – certain equine parasites are more active during a particular season. An example of this is the bot fly which is most active during summer.
Location – some areas with particular climates are more infested with parasites compared to others
Traveling – a horse that travels a lot for competition has a high risk for picking up parasite infection
New Animals – presence of new or other animals in the company of your horse can be the source of infection.

Be aware of Dewormer Resistance

A common practice of the past is to administer wormers every two months. However, experts now believe that best worming schedule for horses should be a good balance between keeping the horse healthy and keeping the risk of resistance well-controlled at minimum. If the horse has developed a resistance to certain types of horse dewormers the parasite cannot be killed off using that specific horse dewormer that it has developed resistance to. Since resistance tends to develop in horses, it is important to keep in mind not to overdo deworming. If you know about the different factors on how parasites can affect horses and you know about the problem of resistance; now it’s time know more about the wormers often used in the equine industry – what it is and what type of parasites they target.

Abler Affordable Equine Dewormers  treatment for all Equine Parasites

                                                  Fenbendazole (AbFen)

Abfen - Abler Affordable Equine DewormersFenbendazole is considered a very safe dewormer that it does not cause harm even if you give it in 100-200 times the recommended dose. For this reason, Fenbendazole is an effective treatment to use on immature equine parasites with a usual dose of twice daily for 5 consecutive days. Fenbendazole is effective against pinworms, redworms, stomach hairworms, and roundworms.

                                                  Ivermectin (AbIver)

AbIver-Abler Affordable Equine Dewormers

Ivermectin has got to be the most commonly used equine wormer – not to mention, the most effective at it. It has a wide spectrum of coverage, which means that it can target various species of parasites. However, it may be ineffective against encysted small strongyles. In addition, Ivermectin is the best wormer to be given to eliminate bot eggs, which are prevalent during summer. Considered a safe wormer, this can be administered up to 60 times  recommended dose without harming your horse.Ivermectin targets pinworms, redworms, bot eggs, lungworms, tapeworms,& roundworms. 

                                                  Praziquantel/Ivermectin (AbIver Plus)

AbIver Plus - Abler Affordable Equine DewormersPraziquantel/Ivermectin combination is perfect against different types of parasites. It is also safe to use on all horses. AbIver Plus is given for the treatment and control of large strongyles, equine tapeworms, ascarids, threadworms, lungworms, small blood worms, large-mouth stomach worms, pinworms, hairworms, and bots.

                                                 Praziquantel/Ivermectin (Ablerquant)

Ablerquant - Abler Affordable Equine DewormersAblerquant broad spectrum green apple flavoured oral paste in a syringe application - the traditional way of administering wormers to your horse. It  contains both Ivermectin and Praziquantel, also effective against a wide range of internal equine parasites and bots.



Abler affordable Equine Dewormers helping the Horse Owner take control of equine parasites without breaking the budget .