Breeding season is an important time for the equine industry. From choosing the stallion through foaling and the arrival of the young horse, each horse owner takes extra care in handling stallions, mares,and foals, which are to be the future of the equine industry. Giving these horses protection from parasite infestation is a major concern. AbIver Plus™ (ivermectin 60mg/praziquantel 375mg) is the only combination formulation, which can also target tapeworms, that can be safely administered in breeding mares, as well as pregnant and lactating mares. It is also considered safe for stallions and foals.

AbIver Plus™, from Abler, provides a safe, broad-spectrum equine parasite control, which include tapeworms in horses. AbIver Plus™ granules are also suitable for horses from four weeks of age and above. It also does not have an effect on the fertility of both mares and stallions.


AbIver Plus


Every horse owner wants to ensure the safety of all their horses, especially ones that are for breeding. Abler allows horse owners to give protection to their horses against the perils of parasitic infections with a product that can be trusted to be safe and effective. AbIver Plus™ does not just offer horse owners the needed protection against a variety of equine parasites, but also a solution for the recent tapeworm problems in horses.

Tapeworm infections are now a serious concern for many horse breeders and owners alike, due to the severe damage the parasites may inflict upon the horse. These worms gather around at the ileocecal junction, a region where the small intestine meets the cecum and colon. The parasites attach themselves to this particular area and cause swelling and inflammation, and even ulcer lesions on the site of attachment. As a result, the horse suffers from colic. Tapeworms are also the primary reason for a potential case of colic known as ileocecal intussusceptions.

AbIver Plus™ sachet contains bright turquoise-colored granules and is formulated in such way for ease of administration. One sachet of AbIver Plus™ is enough to treat a horse that weighs up to 300kg (660lbs). Simply open the sachet and sprinkle the contents on to your horse’s feed. Either give it dry or have them mixed with corn syrup or molasses.

Save your breeding horses and their future foals from the threats of parasitic infections, especially from tapeworm problems. Order online at Abler now for your safe, affordable, and effective equine dewormer. Buy AbIver Plus™ now!