The Symptoms

Whether you have your horse confined in a stable, set free on a pasture, or appearing at a show, it can be infected by several species of equine parasites. This can be dangerous to its health. Internal parasites can cause massive internal damage to your horse. It is one of the common problems for both horses and their owner. If you notice that your horse has dull hair coat, lost weight, hoof problems, and experienced colic like symptoms, parasite infestation can be happening. But what you don’t see is the severity of the problem that is happening inside. The problems brought to your horse may even require expensive surgery to treat it, and the worst part is it can  lead to the death of the animal.

Choosing the right dewormer is very important

There are various dewormers available and choosing the right dewormers will make routine deworming more affordable. What you need is an effective compound that can target common equine parasites. This will allow you to treat and protect your horse.For this reason, choosing the right dewormer is very important.

AbIver Plus is a combination of ivermectin praziquantel  which is proven to be safe for all horses. It is even safe for pregnant and lactating mares and their foals, aged four weeks and above. Studies show foals that are given five times more than the recommended dose did not show any adverse reaction toward the drug. Breeding stallions may also be given this dewormer without worrying about their sterility. Include AbIver Plus in your regular equine worming program. It is the most effective way to manage infections caused by major equine parasites, including bots and tapeworms, in just a single dose.

Equine parasites pose a significant threat to your horse’s health.
Equine parasites pose a significant threat to your horse’s health.

Which parasite will AbIver Plus target?

Ivermectin praziquantel dewormer can target both adult and immature lungworms, gastrointestinal roundworms, tapeworms, and bots in horses. Ivermectin is a popular deworming agent for routine parasite control. Praziquantel is the leading agent effective specifically against tapeworms. When combined they can target different stages of internal parasites. This also include small strongyles that have developed resistance against benzimidazole wormers.

Ideally, AbIver Plus must be used at the start and end of the grazing season . Allowing for maximum control against tapeworms, roundworms, and bots during spring and fall. This way, your horse will begin and end the year free from possible parasite infestation.

Equine parasites pose a significant threat to your horse’s health. Your horse deserves  complete parasite control. Abler  is the answer to all your deworming needs. For  comprehensive parasite control, trust AbIver Plus from Abler.