Ivermectin is effective in treating 35 different parasite species

Ivermectin for horses has long been one of the most effective dewormers for controlling and preventing parasites. This agent works against 35 different equine parasites including strongyles, bots and intestinal worms. The worms treated effectively with ivermectin include- pinworms, intestinal hairworms, and lungworms. The drug is considered safe for all horses. Ivermectin works on the gamma-amino-butyric acid. A neurotransmitter uniquely present in parasites, by inhibiting its activity. Ivermectin can stop the development of a new parasite infection and treat existing infections.

Types of Ivermectin

Horse owners can choose Ivermectin in paste form, usually contained in a syringe, or Granules, which can be put with your horses feed. There are rare cases of ivermectin overdosage. In fact, the dose can be given up to 9 times the recommended dose and still causes no harm. Ivermectin can be given to horses that are as young  6-8 weeks of age.

Rotating Dewormers

This drug is so effective in eliminating parasites, that veterinarians recommend rotating it with another deworming compound. This is to avoid having the parasites develop drug resistance. If ivermectin is given too frequently without rotation, drug resistance may develop. This will renders the drug ineffective. Horse owners should also observe caution when rotating different dewormers all the time. As the parasites can develop resistance to different deworming agents. It is recommended to use ivermectin for horses together with a good worming program as suggested by your veterinarian.

Side Effects

Occasionally, ivermectin for horses may cause side effects. Swelling and itching could happen. This is due to the bacteria that die off while being treated with the deworming agent. When these parasites die off in great numbers inside the horse’s body, they can release toxins. As a result this can be harmful to the horse. Inflammation is one of the reactions.

Ivermectin is a broad-spectrum anthelmintics that is most effective in killing bot larvae. Generally, this deworming agent is considered safe, even for foals and pregnant mares. However, for horse owners, handling this agent should be done with caution. Washing hands after use of this product and avoiding contact with eyes is important. Proper disposal of ivermectin should be exercised to avoid harming other invertebrates.

AbIver is ivermectin for horses developed by Abler. It comes in the form of granules and is so easy-to-administer. One sachet of AbIver will  treat a 600lb/272kg horse. For improved efficacy of this product, consult your veterinarian on the best worming schedule for your horse.

AbIver is ivermectin for horses developed by Abler.
AbIver is ivermectin for horses developed by Abler.