The health and performance of your horses will depend on how properly balanced the bacteria in their digestive tracts are. Newborn animals are born into this world with a sterile digestive system. Their sterile digestive system quickly becomes home to healthy bacteria, as well as disease-causing microorganisms. Unfortunately, changes in feeding practices and environment, weaning, transportation, and medications are practices that alters the horse’s intestinal environment.  Favoring the growth of disease-causing microorganisms.


Naturally, horses are free-grazing animals. The entire digestive system of a horse is designed to process food twenty four hours a day since that is how often a horse eats. Though horses may have a small stomach in relation to their size. They still need to eat frequently but in small amounts. The stomach of a horse contains digestive acids that help in food digestion. This stomach empties out  its contents every 20 minutes. When horses eat grass, hay, and forage, they are also doing themselves a favor not to develop damages on the stomach lining.

Stabled horses

During the time a horse is confined to a stable, they are subjected to training to improve their performance for a show or a race. Usually, the frequency of feeding and the quality of the food are altered. These stabled horses will most likely be fed with high-grain foods. This is  to supply them with and compensate the loss of energy during intensive training program. In addition, these high grain feeds are being fed in large amounts.

What leads to an unhealthy digestive system?

All in all, these factors (feeding, training, transportation, etc.) can lead to an unhealthy digestive system for the horses. Luckily, Abler has a product that helps horse owners promote good health for all their horses through the use of equine probiotics.

Equine Probiotics

AbActive contains probiotics for horses essential for the growth of good bacteria instead of bad bacteria. AbActive is easily administered to a horse’s feed since it comes in granules. These granules are specially coated to protect its journey from the mouth down to the intestines for absorption.

With equine probiotics, you can ensure that your horses will stay healthy. It increases the number of beneficial organisms. Moreover, your horse can have a better functioning digestive system that can help digest food properly, absorb needed nutrients, and improve the function of the immune system. AbActive is the product that horse owners know they can trust to be effective in keeping their horses in excellent condition.

Naturally, horses are free-grazing animals.
Naturally, horses are free-grazing animals.