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Is your horse unwell or stressed? Would you like to naturally boost their health and wellbeing?


Product Description

AbActive is a probiotic developed to assist in restoration of natural intestinal flora, which can lead to a more rapid recovery and better nutrient absorption.

Probiotics can be beneficial for horses that have experienced health issues, such as colic or a course of antibiotics. The probiotic restores most natural lactic acid bacteria, which means food is more efficiently digested.


  • Available in granule form.
  • Easy to measure and feed.
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  • Each 3g sachet of enteric-coated granules contains 45 billion cfu probiotic B. coagulans (lactobacillus sporogenes).


  • ONE sachet per 350kg (770lbs), administered as a single dose per day ongoing.

AbActive Granules

  • Top dress dry granules onto feed. A small amount of corn syrup or molasses can be added to the feed mix.
  • Add to apple sauce and spread onto a treat such as an apple or carrot.
Safety and Storage


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • Veterinary use only.


Probiotics are a naturally occurring intestinal flora.

Side Effects

Probiotics occur naturally in the digestive system and treatment has no known side effects.


Should a massive overdose occur, treat symptomatically and supportively.        


Probiotics are a naturally occurring intestinal flora.


  • Store in a cool dry atmosphere away from extreme heat.
  • Store or transport at 20º to 30ºC (68º to 86ºF).

Probiotics occur naturally in the digestive system and treatment has no known side effects.

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