30 Day Ulcer Treatment Pack

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Bundle features 30 day treatment for all ulcers. Bundle includes AbPrazole (Omeprazole) or AbPrazole Plus (Omeprazole + probiotic) and AbSucralfate (Sucralfate) granules.

Bundle can be customized based on your horse's weight.

  •   725 - 950lb     (330-430kg) 
  •   960 -1250lb    (440-570kg)
  • 1275 -1720lb    (580-780kg)
  • AbPrazole or Abprazole Plus: once-a-day dose per 175kg/385lb
  • AbSucralfate: Twice daily dose per 165kg/363lb 

Product Description

Are you looking for an effective and affordable glandular ulcer treatment option for your horse?

Focused on ensuring ‘bang-for-your-buck’, this Bundle will keep you well-stocked with your Abler favourites for 4 weeks (30 days) gastric ulcer  treatment. 


  • Includes our most popular ulcer treatment options, AbPrazole (single sachets) and AbSucralfate (single sachets).
  • AbPrazole can be swapped with AbPrazole Plus if you prefer the added benefit of an equine probiotic.
  • Easy to measure and feed.

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30 Day Ulcer Treatment Pack is available to buy in increments of 1
Customize 30 Day Ulcer Treatment Pack
  • 725-950lb (330-430kg)
  • 960 - 1250lb (440-570kg)
  • 1275–1720lb (580-780kg)
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30 Day Ulcer Treatment Pack is available to buy in increments of 1
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30 Day Ulcer Treatment Pack
30 Day Ulcer Treatment Pack

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    Omeprazole is a one time dose per day, being effective for 24hours.

     Sucralfate is a multiple daily dose medication. Effective for 6 to 8hours. Length of administration depends on the condition, severity and type of ulcer being treated.

    The following dosage example is based on a horse weighing 450kg (990lb) as a loading or active treatment or preventative, maintenance dose.

    Non Glandular - Squamous Ulcers

    Loading or active treatment dose:

    • Week 1 - 4: Omeprazole (AbPrazole™) - 2 x sachets, once per day x 30 days.
    • Week 1 - 3: Sucralfate (AbSucralfate™) - 3 x sachets, two times per day for up to 30 days

    Maintenance or preventative dose:

    • Omeprazole: Gradually reduce to 1 x sachet, once per day.
    • Sucralfate: Reduce to 2 x sachets, once per day.

    Glandular Ulcers

    Studies indicate Omeprazole or Sucralfate as a sole treatment is not as effective as a combinatuon of the two, as their modes of action are complimentary.
    Recommended to administer both Omeprazole and Sucralfate* to treat glandular ulcers.

    Loading or active treatment dose:

    • Week 1 - 6*:  Omeprazole   (AbPrazole™) -       2 x sachets, once per day
    • Week 6 - 8:   Omeprazole   (AbPrazole™) -       2 x sachets, once per day (if required)
    • Week 1 - 3*:  Sucralfate     (AbSucralfate™) -  3 x sachets, two times per day
    • Week 3 - 8:   Sucralfate      (AbSucralfate™) -   2 x sachets, two times per day

    Maintenance or preventative dose:

    • Ongoing: Sucralfate 2 x sachets, two times per day.

    Hindgut/Colonic Ulcers - Right Dorsal Colitis

    Sucralfate has not been clinically proven to heal colonic ulcers. However, sucralfate is well known as a cytoprotective agent. It binds to GI mucosa, and acts as a "band-aid" to the ulcer crater, offering relief from pain associated with ulcers.

    Recommended dosage:

    • Week 1 - 6: Sucralfate (AbSucralfate™) - 3 x sachets, two times per day
    • Ongoing: Sucralfate (AbSucralfate™) -     2 x sachets, two times per day

    AbSucralfate Granules

    • Top dress granules to a handful of dry or moist chaff
    • Add to oil,corn syrup, molasses or a treat
    • Mix into a paste and smear onto apples or carrots
    • Mix with water and administer via oral syringe
    • Most effective when fed at least 30 minutes apart from other medication and supplements.
    • Try to feed when horses stomach is least likely to be at its fullest.

    AbPrazole or Abprazole Granules

    • Top dress dry granules onto dry or moist feed. A small amount of oil, corn syrup or molasses can be added to the feed mix.
    • Add to apple sauce and spread onto a treat such as an apple or carrot.
    • DO NOT expose AbPrazole granules to water or the enteric coating will be damaged. 

    Buy Ablers 30 Day Gastric HindGut Treatment Bundle

    Safety and Storage OVERDOSAGE

    Massive overdosage is required to cause problems in other species but the toxic dosage in horses is uncertain. Rats have tolerated oral doses no greater than 40mg/kg (this would be equivalent to ten times of 100% product fed to a horse at one time).


    Omeprazole appears to be a safe drug with low associated problems. It is contraindicated in horses hypersensitive to it. Omeprazole may decrease the hepatic clearance of some medications. Omeprazole's safety during pregnancy has not been established.


    Omeprazole, like other PPI's, is well tolerated. Nervousness, abnormal heartbeat, muscle pain, weakness, leg cramps and water retention occur infrequently.


    Omeprazole appears to be very well tolerated in horses. There may be a possibility of Gastro Intestinal (GI) distress (anorexia, colic, flatulence, diarrhea).

    • Do not treat horses intended for human consumption.
    • Keep out of reach of children.
    • Veterinary use only.
    • Store in a cool dry atmosphere away from extreme heat.
    • Store/Transport at and 20º to 30ºC ( 68º to 86ºF)

    Prevention of equine gastric ulcers with Sucralfate

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