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AbPrazole™ Tablets

AbPrazole™ Tablets (Omeprazole) are for the treatment and prevention of equine gastric ulcers as a once day dose of enteric coated flavourless, blue coloured, tablets.

Omeprazole is from the family of proton pump inhibitors (PPI's) that blocks secretion of acid and assists by reducing and neutralizing acid in the horse's stomach allowing improved healing of existing ulcer damage.

Active Ingredient: Omeprazole

Availability: In stock

Expiry Date: Jan 31, 2018

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*AbPrazole™ Tablets is available for purchase in increments of 100

Abler™ OmeprazoleAbler™ Omeprazole
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Additional Information

Brand Name AbPrazole™ Tablets
Active Ingredient Omeprazole
Manufacturer Abler®
Dosage Form Tablets
Symptoms Symptoms of ulcers can be subtle or outwardly noticeable. A change from being well mannered to suddenly being difficult to handle, girthy, off feed, poor performance in the ring, grinding teeth, to a dull coat and of a general lacklustre demeanor are a good indication of Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS).

For treatment regime:
Recommended dosage is 4.0 mg/kg (1.8 mg/lb) per day.

  • Use one (1) tablet per 175 kg (385 lb) of your horses bodyweight, once daily for 28 consecutive days

For prevention regime:
Recommended dosage is 2.0 mg/kg (0.09 mg/lb) per day.

  • Use one (1) tablet per 350 kg (770 lb) of your horses bodyweight, once daily, ongoing as required.

Simply use the required number of tablets based on your horse's weight. Our Dosage Calculator is available to assist you.


Here are three different ways you can administer AbPrazole™ Tablets:

  • Balling Gun. This is a syringe-like device especially made for administering tablets.
    • Position the balling gun in the corner of the horse’s mouth.
    • Gently push the tip of the balling gun to the back of the horse’s tongue.
    • Raise the head of the horse.
    • To dispense the tablet, push the balling gun’s plunger.
  • Pill Gun. This is a long tube used to dispense pills and is similar to a caulking gun.
    • Insert the tablet/s the horse needs in the pill gun.
    • Steady your horse by holding it.
    • Position the pill gun inside the horse’s mouth.
    • Push the tablets to the back of the horse’s throat gently.
  • Treat eg Apple
    • Cut a hole big enough to insert the tablet in the fruit.
    • Feed the treat to the horse and watch until you are sure the whole fruit is swallowed.


  • Administer the AbPrazole™ Tablets whole as crushing will break the enteric coating which is important for the effectiveness and absorption.
  • Avoid forcing the balling gun or pill gun to your horse’s mouth to prevent serious damage. To administer properly, place the balling gun or pill gun not farther than the base of the horse’s tongue.
  • Horses do not spit out tablets, so watch the horse until you are sure the tablet is swallowed.
Product Fact Sheets AbPrazole Tablets
Expiry Date Jan 31, 2018


Medication required for:

Weight of Horse: ?

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Customer Reviews

Excited to try! Review by Christen
Easy to Use
I have a young gelding that is my barrel horse. He came from a rough past, He was bought off the slaughter truck and has gone thru 4 more homes before me. He has struggled so bad with ulcers and Im so happy I finally found something that is so darn inexpensive! Im really hoping it helps my boy, and my future horses! I found this off an article I read about ulcers in horses and so glad I did. I will for sure be writing a review once my order arrives and I can start treatment! (Posted on 8/8/16)
Happier Horse! Review by Tina
Easy to Use
Within 10 days we saw a much more relaxed horse. Improved coat and body condition within a month!! (Posted on 2/23/16)
Affordable Lifesaver Review by Marie
Easy to Use
As an owner of an off track thoroughbred, I am all too familiar with ulcers. My gelding tends to get flare ups during the winter months. He is girthy, moody, teeth grinding, and in pain. Abler provides an affordable way to treat his ulcers and in no time he is back to his old self. Happy horse=happy horse mom! Thank you Abler! (Posted on 12/15/15)
THANK YOU Review by Fenn
Easy to Use
I got told about this product by a trainer who had used it on problem horses. I have had great results with the AbPrazole Tablets on my horses. It has helped to ease the stress of competion for my horses, keeping them focused and healthy. Thank you for making an affordable and effective product. (Posted on 12/1/15)
Such a lifesaver! Review by Ashley
When we rescued Tank we couldn't figure out why he wasn't gaining weight. It turned out he had some pretty awful ulcers. I ordered the Omeprazole pills from Abler and they were an absolute lifesaver! The shipping was fast and Tank was started on them as soon as they arrived. Within a week he was already looking better and his flanks were more relaxed. By the end of the month he looked like a normal horse and had put on a ton of weight. I would seriously recommend this or other Abler products to those who are looking to treat their horses for ulcers. (Posted on 4/16/15)
Quick results! Review by Sacha
I'm a Belgian customer, so happy to use your product! It was like a miracle for me to discover Abler.
In one day, I saw a HUGE difference on my horse. She was more quiet, more available to work.
I've just bought more tablets to use now on prevention.
Thank you so much Abler!!! (Posted on 3/3/15)
Temperment Review by Laura
My horse used to get nervous, herd bound but never a bad boy. My gosh since I started this product he is a 'on the buckle' horse at horse shows. I just up the dosage to treatment one day before the show and during the show and then maintenance at home. His weight has gone up, I show dressage and love I stand by the ring on the buckle watching another horse rear, shoot off, turn in circles. I love this stuff it truly has made my horse relaxed and maintain a great weight. (Posted on 9/7/14)
effective product, difficult to administer whole Review by Katherine
My mare caught onto these hidden in a treat after a couple of days, and objects to a balling gun. I end up giving her more to make up for the broken or chewed tablets. Effective, but I think I will stick with the granules from now on just for ease of use. (Posted on 8/27/14)
Great Product Review by Emily
Abler is effective and easy to use/administer.

When my mare was first dosed with Equine Gastric Ulcer Sydrome (EGUS), I treated with GGgard, prescribed by my vet. She had a flair of ulcers about a year later (after an injury requiring treatment with Banamine). I chose to treat with Abler Omeprazole because of friends' experiences and cost.

I can confidently say that Abler Omeprazole works to treat and prevent EGUS. In my experience, it worked just as well as GGard, at a fraction of the price. Love this stuff and will continue to use it.

Also, my mare is an incredibly picky eater, but she has no problem eating the omeprazole tablets. (Posted on 8/24/14)
twister Review by melissa
About a year ago I started to notice that my beloved horse twister was starting to lose weight, his hair was dull and his eyes were, for lack of better words, gloomy. He would stand at the opposite side of the pen from the other horses while they were eating and stretch his neck way out as if he was choking. I took him to several different vets and they all said that he just wasn't getting enough to eat when I told them that Twister was 'head honcho" of the group they looked at me like I was insane.
I finally just decided that I had to figure it out once and for all, so I took him and had him scoped, and there it was "ULCERS’ they were bad, real bad. I was told that I had to spend $45.00 a day for treatment 30-60 days and about $10.00 a day after that for the rest of his life. I love my horse and I could never give up on him. I went and got all the meds I would need for a month and did all I could for him and "NOTHING" he was a bit better but not what i wanted to see. in a last desperate attempt I found ABLER omeprazole and I HAVE MY HORSE BACK. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I CAN AFFORD AND IT IS AMAZING....AMAZING....... AMAZING.

THANK YOU ABLER. The shipping was fast and your customer service is wonderful.
(Posted on 4/16/14)
it's a miracle Review by Gwendolyn
Cameo never had an appetite from the time she was very young. When she was four years old she was still so small and skanky I'd barely broken her to ride and had to take it very easy on her because she was so easily upset. A friend suggested that maybe she had ulcers so I looked into it and although at that time I'd never heard of ulcers in horses, it seemed most likely that that was the problem. I started giving her Abler's Omeprozole and literally within weeks she was an altogether different horse. Today, two years later, she is a beautiful healthy happy well-rounded mare that gets compliments from everyone who sees her. Gwendolyn Z (Posted on 10/16/13)

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