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AbPrazole Plus™ Bulk Pack

AbPrazole Plus™ Bulk Pack

Product Review (submitted on June 26, 2019):
After a very stressful year, with a sick horse and having spent many thousands of euros trying to find out what was wrong and fix her, we finally diagnosed Ulcers, not just mild ones, OH NO, but grade 4/5!!!

now my girl is pretty good to do most things with, but sticking nasty omeprazole paste down her throat every day for 12 weeks just wasn't going to happen, She's a big girl at 18hh, and omeprazole paste is just not my colour!! sorry but there it is. ion top of this slight heightist issue is the fact that watching half a (very expensive) tube of Omeprazole hit the floor is soul destroying.

the solution?? A friend suggested Abler granules in her feed. Well, I'd never heard of granular Omeprazole, so off I toddled to investigate...…. I was thrilled to find that not only was it true, but it came with added probiotics too! BONUS.

fast forward 6 months, I have a happy horse, no issues at all with her eating the blue sprinkles in her feed, and its all stress free for me too!!

Now, I have also tried the Abprazole, without the probiotics, well a girls gotta try to save a few pennies! but for my girlie, that just didn't have the same, immediate, effect of providing relief that the AbPlus did. I will be sticking to what I know works best!

yes, the bank transfer can be a bit of a pain and time consuming but it is ABsolutely worth it for my Horse!!!

oh!! and the customer service was fast, superb and extremely helpful! especially when we lost a packet of AbPlus in the post as someone had opened it! I sent them a picture, and I had a free of charge replacement in 5 days!! now THAT is how customer service should work!