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AbPrazole™ Tablets

AbPrazole™ Tablets

Product Review (submitted on April 16, 2014):
About a year ago I started to notice that my beloved horse twister was starting to lose weight, his hair was dull and his eyes were, for lack of better words, gloomy. He would stand at the opposite side of the pen from the other horses while they were eating and stretch his neck way out as if he was choking. I took him to several different vets and they all said that he just wasn't getting enough to eat when I told them that Twister was 'head honcho" of the group they looked at me like I was insane.
I finally just decided that I had to figure it out once and for all, so I took him and had him scoped, and there it was "ULCERS’ they were bad, real bad. I was told that I had to spend $45.00 a day for treatment 30-60 days and about $10.00 a day after that for the rest of his life. I love my horse and I could never give up on him. I went and got all the meds I would need for a month and did all I could for him and "NOTHING" he was a bit better but not what i wanted to see. in a last desperate attempt I found ABLER omeprazole and I HAVE MY HORSE BACK. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I CAN AFFORD AND IT IS AMAZING....AMAZING....... AMAZING.

THANK YOU ABLER. The shipping was fast and your customer service is wonderful.