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AbPrazole™ Bulk Pack

AbPrazole™ Bulk Pack

Product Review (submitted on May 12, 2020):
I have a lot of experience over the years with ulcers, with my horses and my client's horses. I know when they work, how long they work... and when they don't work. There is no substitute for using ompeprozole to heal ulcers in the horse's stomach. However, it can be very expensive to treat uclers using other brands of ompeprozole. Abler is a lifesaver (and horse saver!). The product is incredibly affordable and it WORKS!. When I give the product, one packet a day unless it's an extreme case, I can usually see a change by the end of day 2 and certainly by day 3. The horse perks up, isn't pinning their ears, and not as sensitive when they are touched or palpated. After about a week on your product, real relief begins to happen.

Abprozole works so well and so quickly, I've advised others to use it as a diagnostic for gastric uclers. I tell my friends and clients that if your horse doesn't start to perk up by day 3 and certainly by day 5, then it's very likely that gastric ulcers are not what's bothering them.

LOVE this product!!! I've told many people to buy this product (and most have) and I've posted on it a few times through social media. Trying to spread the word on this product.